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December 11, 2015

I'm willing to be the Happy Learner

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It’s intense right now for a lot of people. We see it in the news and we can feel it in the day to day. In my conversations with folks in the last few days, a lot of folks say they’re feeling it. I feel it too.

Sometimes it shows up as a surge of fear first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. It feels to me that there’s a real collective shift that’s going on. For those of us who are willing to wake up and are focused on being a truly helpful, loving presence in the world, we can really make a difference right now.


Strengthen your commitment to not ruminating on what you don’t like and what you don’t want. Right now, resist giving any energy to what feels upsetting.

Notice your feelings.
Stay alert to your feelings.
Your feelings indicate where your thinking is focused.

If you don’t feel peaceful, notice what you’re thinking about and hand it over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing. Don’t try to go it alone. Stop managing and coping with it and simply open your mind to the most loving choice.

It will be revealed to you and that will bring you new insight, new support, plus relief.

A Course in Miracles tells us that “an untrained mind can accomplish nothing.”

We’re in a mind training.
It’s not easy.
It often doesn’t feel good.
It can feel excruciating at times.

Our willingness to choose Love is the only pathway to higher ground and fortunately it ALWAYS leads us to higher ground. There really isn’t another choice, is there?

Healing habits that are the cause of fear is a major part of what my Masterful Living Course is all about. My 2016 Course begins in just a few weeks! There’s such a joy that breaks out when people are practicing releasing the shame and the fear together and encouraging each other.

GET THE REPLAY & Download: it’s part of my Masterful Living Course preview class series and you can register now: Living Without Fear – Cracking the Code of Spiritual Success. Click now to register for this class and get the download immediately!

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