I Serve The Light

December 15, 2015
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The greatest service is to cultivate the Immaculate Heart

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Yesterday in my I was sharing in my Masterful Living Course that no lasting or permanent Happiness can ever be attained except through Love of God.

It’s a fact. That’s the only way.
And, that’s the way we’re all headed whether it looks like it or not.

When you Love and adore someone, you naturally wish to be of service to them. Selfless service is profoundly fulfilling.

To express Love of the Light, be in service to the Light at every opportunity.
This is the path of greatest happiness.

Take nothing personally.
Let everyone be your teacher.
Have humility.
Be helpful.
Be kind.
Have patience.
Be generous.
Have compassion.

Be grateful when you can be of service.
When you’re grateful to be of service, you feel fulfilled and illusions of problems fall away. Talk about benefits!

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