Serving the Light

December 21, 2015

Living to serve the Light of Love in the All in All is a life of great Joy and Purpose.

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Is it possible to have a full and rich life without being of service to others?

It is in service to others that we acknowledge and appreciate our oneness with all life. There are so many different ways to live a life of service. I think we sometimes believe that in order for our service to be substantial it must also be highly visible and dramatic.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Everybody can be great … because anybody can serve.”

There are many ways to serve. I’ve come to see that being kind with everyone I meet is an extraordinary act of service. To hold people with love and compassion regardless of what they’re doing, or how they’re treating me is to serve the Light in the most direct way. While this may appear to be simple it can often be challenging and nearly impossible.

There have been times when it was so hard for me to even have a kind thought about someone who had treated me unkindly. Yet this is precisely when it was the greatest service. And it was my greatest healing..

It can be easy to match a person’s anger with more anger.

To the one who intends to be loving, to remain in the loving heart is much easier than being angry.

To demonstrate kindness in the face of anger is to turn the other cheek. Not to offer it for abuse, but to offer the attacker a new point of view. Turning the other cheek is a metaphor for offering a different face. Rather than “an eye for an eye,” if someone attacks you – consider offering compassion and reverence for all life. That’s what turning the other cheek means.

Ask yourself, who is it that is being served when you’re able to remain loving and kind despite all kinds of provocation?

Perhaps the person who is provoking is giving you the opportunity to be of service. If your intention is to be loving, can you find the answered prayer in the challenge to be of service?

Today you can expand your idea of service to include choosing higher in moments of frustration. Today, look to be of service to the highest possibility of peace and Love – when we serve the Light in all, we are living our true, Divine Purpose and life is so much more beautiful!

To see the Light, Be it.
Be it to see it.

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