Sharing Love

December 25, 2015

I love this hat my niece, Olivia, made me for Christmas last year!

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For me, today is Christmas and I’m taking it as a day to go within and BE in communion with my Higher Holy Spirit Self. That’s the best gift I can receive this day – communion with the I AM.

If you’re having a day with friends and family or being of service, or some combination of that, I invite you to give YOURSELF the gift of BEING loving to everyone you meet, including the one you meet in the mirror.

Of course, everyone we meet is that mirror.

If we feel at Peace with the person were with they are helping us to see that we Love ourselves and feel whole in that moment.

If we feel irritated or upset, the one we’re with is reflecting back to us that we’re not at Peace with ourselves.

It never has anything to do with what other people are doing.
How we feel is only ever a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

So, let’s give the gift of loving ourselves by being present in the moment and choosing Love rather than reviewing and re-experiencing the years the locusts have eaten. Enough of that.

Today’s the day to invoke the Christ and walk with the angels.

We call to the angels and the Company of Heaven to support us in sharing only Love this day!

I bless you and give you thanks for being my prayer partner.

I love you, Merry Christmas, happy Holy Day.

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