Walking With Christ

December 22, 2015

Walking in a winter wonderland with Max in Maine - great memories of walking with Christ.

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I love how Spirit leads me to the perfect topic on my radio show and today it’s Walking With Christ. A Coarse in Miracles tells us that we’re already walking with Christ, and to feel, know and see it, all we have to do is this:

Let us be still an instant,
and forget all things we ever learned,
all thoughts we had,
and every preconception that we hold
of what things might mean
and what their purpose is.
Let us remember not our own ideas of what the world is for.

We do not know.

Let every image held of everyone
be loosened from our minds and swept away.

Be innocent of judgment,
unaware of any thoughts of evil or of good
that ever crossed your mind of anyone.
Now do you know him not.
But you are free to learn of him,
and learn of him anew.

Now is he born again to you,
and you are born again to him,
without the past that sentenced him to die,
and you with him.

Now is he free to live as you are free,
because an ancient learning passed away,
and left a place for truth to be reborn.

That’s it. That’s all we have to do to experience the Christ – be still an instant and forget all things you ever learned. No problem, right?

And why wouldn’t you wish to trade everything you ever learned in return for walking with Christ?

Ponder that, and see what you trade for walking with Christ in eternity.

Remember, at any point, you can trade it all in for eternity with Christ.

I say, take it all. Leave me only the Christ.
And this time, I desire to mean it!

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