Allowing the Answered Prayer

January 29, 2016

Walking in the Love of God.

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Willingness to call the healing forth and then to allow it is the key.
Call upon the Company of Heaven – the angels and Ascended Masers, your ancestors and most especially the Higher Holy Spirit Self to assist you. Let’s all open to receive the maximum load of healing assistance. There’s no extra charge for accepting your healing.

There’s no points for trying to do this on your own. In fact, it’s not possible, so don’t try. The very thought that your own your own is a bold faced lie. All IS One. You can feel alone, but it’s not actually EVER possible to BE alone.

Asking for help is a sign of willingness and wisdom. Ask now, ask often. Help is unlimited.

The reason why many people don’t experience healing is because they really are only asking for help with the ego’s agenda. Beings of Divine and Perfect Love are not going to help you achieve the ego’s agenda, but the prayer will still be answered.

If you pray for more money, because you think that money will help you feel safe, and feeling safe will help you to know Peace – then your answered prayer is really to know Peace and that’s what you’ll get in your answer – in what A Course in Miracles calls the ECHO. Your answer will come in the form of giving you an option to CHOOSE Peace.

Will you choose Peace when you’re thinking your late to work and you’re afraid of your boss coming after you and you judge your boss for being upset when you’re late so often? Will you choose Peace then? Will you blame your boss for your lack of Peace the same way your boss blames you? Will you actually CHOOSE the answered prayer as it’s offered to you?

The answer to that question is EVERYTHING.

Choose ye this day whom you will serve, God or ego.
You can only pick one at a time.
If you choose ego you’ll feel upset.
When you choose Love you’ll feel the Peace of God. What a relief!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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