Don’t Ignore the Little Things

January 10, 2016

Loving the sweet sights of winter.

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Sometimes the littlest disturbances can bring a great benefit. When things seem to go “wrong” sometimes it’s like a warning bell to let you know to pay attention and make changes.

Most of us have had symptoms or situations that, when we acknowledge them it can help us greatly and save much time, expense and effort – and sometimes avoiding tragedy.

What are the “little things” that are clamoring for your attention?

Can you think of seemingly small things that bother you, but not enough for you to make a change? Maybe that change is the very thing that will bring a whole new opening in your life!

I’ve learned that ignoring my intuition can bring really challenging situations I could have avoided. I’ve learned to say yes to lots of things even though I have no idea how it will ever work out or come to fruition.

It’s really worth your being willing to not ignore the little things. AND, it’s NOT worth being bothered by the little things either – our transformation comes when we can acknowledge the little things and receive the messages they’re trying to give us.

Here’s where our willingness is so vital to our happiness. Our willingness to make changes and choices that bring more opening, expansion and possibility often comes from simply paying attention to the little things. Are you willing to have the eyes that see and the ears that hear?

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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