Guide to Salvation

January 26, 2016

The Higher Holy Spirit Self is our personal Guide to Salvation.

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A Course in Miracles tells us that our Guide for Salvation is the Holy Spirit. Our salvation is our awakening – it’s a return to Love.

I’ve come to realize that the Holy Spirit is the same as the Higher Self, the Holy Self and that’s why I often call it the Higher Holy Spirit Self. It’s so valuable to remember that we’re not separate from the Holy Spirit – it is our own true Self.

The Higher Holy Spirit Self is also the very same as the I AM Presence. The Mighty I AM Presence is the same as the Holy Spirit and the Higher Self. In some teachings it’s called the White Fire Being and in some cases it’s called the Guardian Angel.

It really doesn’t matter what you call your Awakened Self. The main thing is to call it and have a real relationship with your own Self.

It’s healing to remember that we are all emanations of this one Presence and that our I AM Presence is one with the I AM Presence of all beings. We’re joined at the level of the mind. We’re ternally joined in the Unity of all life.

I find it very comforting to know that the Higher Self is the I AM Presence, the Holy Spirit and my Guardian Angel. I hope you do too! Don’t take my word for it – investigate!

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