Health, Well Being & Self-Love

February 5, 2016

Let's drink to our health!

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My feeling is that nothing affects our health as much as our ability to love ourselves. Love is our true nature, it is the very essence of healing for us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.Over the years, I’ve counseled many people who have had dramatic improvements in their health and well being through having a two pronged approach to their healing:

  • Decrease the unloving thoughts and activities
  • Increase the self-loving thoughts and activities

It’s simple, but it might not be easy.

I’m a big fan of releasing the negative habit with increased ease and grace by replacing it with a loving choice. This isn’t about behavior modification. Behavior modification is sometimes a delay in healing. Real healing happens at the level of the mind. Real healing is lasting healing.

To have lasting healing we shift our motivation, the impetus for the choices we make must change. For one who would like to get in shape or slim down, it’s about shifting into loving thoughts and activities, making loving choices, being more grateful and less judgmental – these changes retrain the mind so that we can make life-changing, lasting shifts.

It works because we’re motivated by Love, not by inadequacy.
If you’re trying to change yourself because your judging yourself, it will only lead to a backlash. Shaming yourself into an exercise program is the opposite of self-love and will ultimately fail.

When we’re loving ourselves free of limiting habits and choices, then there’s expansion on the way!

I’ve been doing some research about my own body, the foods that feel best for me, and generally examining my own feelings and motivations more and more closely. One thing that surprised me is I really decided to give caffeine a rest.

During the period between November and mid-January I had an extra amount of work that I was doing. I love my work and I don’t mind working the long days. There were a number of administrative changes going on and it was a temporary increase in my responsibilities. I reached a point where I found my body just didn’t want any caffeine anymore. My adrenals were being tested with the extra work hours and they couldn’t handle the caffeine too.

I didn’t anticipate that giving up caffeine would be an improvement in how I feel, but it is! It’s noticeable! I definitely have more energy without caffeine. You probably have been told some of the most basic effects of caffeine are:

Affecting your sleep cycle – restless sleep
increased anxiety
Affects your body’s digestive system, nutrient and mineral absorption
Can trigger headaches, and a host of other symptoms

I didn’t notice any of those, but I do notice feeling lighter and more energetic without coffee.

We work at the level of the mind and remember that the world of form is an illusion.
So, does caffeine cause these things or does our mind cause them?

I’m definitely convinced that ALL healing is at the level of the mind.

So, why do people feel better or worse with or without caffeine? Ultimately it’s always because of what they believe.

I am certain I feel better without caffeine because water, herbal tea and drinks like that are more loving choices for me. Love is the healer.

If you’re considering giving up caffeine – even for a while – there are so many benefits. I don’t even miss the taste that much – only occasionally.

Note: You probably have heard that you can get a “caffeine headache” coming off of dependency on caffeine. What has worked for me is to wean myself off the coffee, switch to black tea (earl grey, my favorite) or matcha (or another green tea) and wean myself off that. I do like Maté which is a green tea that has no caffeine but definitely has other energizing qualities.

However you decide to love yourself and your body, it’s part of a powerful and healing spiritual practice!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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