Day 6: I AM More Than This!

February 22, 2016

Angels are among us!

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I can remember times when I was self-medicating and I knew I was self-medicating and I would have the thought “this is the only real pleasure I have. I can’t give it up, because it’s all I’ve got.” That was a tough time for me. I felt ashamed of self-medicating and yet I didn’t feel I could give it up. I felt I “deserved” it. And then, of course, I would feel badly afterward because I didn’t have more restraint. I didn’t feel very spiritual.

The thought, “it’s all I have” is a common thought for people who are self-medicating. And, that thought is a lie. We have so much more than the means and ability to distract ourselves from our feelings. We ARE so much more than most people believe they are. We are the individual expression of God itself. We are Perfect Love and we’re never less than that – ever. No matter what we’ve done, no matter what’s been done to us, our perfection is always intact. Always.

If we could recognize that we have the unlimited power and presence of perfect Love always with us, we’d never have the thought that some form of self-medication, some thing in the world, some momentary distraction is “all I have.”

Honestly, I can say for myself that the reason I felt it was “all I had” was because I wasn’t willing to recognize the fullness of Love as my very life. I felt that being impeccable with my word, being wholly compassionate, and taking full responsibility for all my thoughts and choices was a burden – and way beyond my capacity.

What changed for me was my willingness to hand my life over to the Mighty I AM Presence within me. Even though I didn’t really know how to be impeccable with my word, wholly compassionate, and take full responsibility for all my thoughts and choices, I became willing to learn and in my heart I yearned to be dedicated and devoted to my Higher Holy Spirit Self. That’s when everything changed for me.

The self-medication fell away when I began to have a real relationship with the I AM that I AM. My willingness brought forth the moment by moment opportunities to be compassionate, responsible and loving. I began to seize more and more of the opportunities and I found myself feeling excited about loving myself free of the limits I’d placed on myself and my life. I became more and more committed. In the process, I learned what I now share in my classes. It changed my life completely and that’s what I love being able to share with others.

Transformation is completely possible for all of us if we’re willing.

The purpose of the 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear is to support folks in reclaiming their natural Joy through being loving to ourselves.

If you feel like you just HAVE to self-medicate see if you can interrupt the pattern to some degree. Try some or all of these things:

1. Tell yourself you have permission to do whatever you’d like, but first you’re going to make some loving choices.
2. Drink a big glass of spring water.
3. Call upon the angels for assistance in being loving to yourself.
4. Take 10 long, slow breaths and while you’re doing that, think of 10 things that you’re grateful for.
5. Take a walk around the block – get some fresh air. It only takes 5 minutes and it’s worth it.
6. Hug a tree. Trees are such a great example of strength and generosity.
7. Call for prayer – my daily prayer line can be on your speed dial (760) 569-6005. People often tell me they call first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It’s always there for you to shift the energy and heal the pattern.

People tell me that this really works for them, as it has for me. You’ll find that if you’re willing to go through these steps you may decide not to self-medicate. You might even choose a healthy snack or do something different entirely.

Our journey in this 40 days is one of making new healthy choices that are self-loving. That’s how we break the pattern and shift the energy from desperation to inspiration. You’re really worth the extra steps.

Once again, if you feel resistant to temporarily abstaining from certain foods and beverages, if you feel bothered by it, frustrated or upset by the thought of doing without, or even if you feel the cravings are too intense, consider this:

Nothing tastes as good as Joy feels.

Give the heavy lifting to the I AM Presence. Hand it over. Give it UP. Call for divine assistance. No matter how alone you might feel at times, you are NEVER alone. If we could all see the mighty loving beings who are ALWAYS with us, we’d be amazed. Call upon them and call often!

Please share your prayer request in our facebook group. It’s a loving and compassionate space for all of us.

Here’s a delicious treat for ice cream lovers – it’s not the same as ice cream – but it’s a delicious pudding, it’s easy to make!

Chia Seed Pudding
1 cup favorite nut milk (almond or coconut work for me)
1/4 c chia seeds
1 t vanilla
healthy dash of cinnamon, nutmeg
stevia to taste
pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt

Shake it all up in a jar – if you like it cold, put it in the fridge – shake it really well. Sometimes it’s good to go back and shake a few times in the first 5 minutes or so. It needs about 4 hours to really gel. You can also experiment with flavorings such as cacao, ginger, and you can add fresh fruit. I’ve added protein powder, fresh fruit almond butter and chopped nuts. You can also blend it if you like it smoother.

All these ingredients are so good and delicious. I really like this treat and the it’s SO good for you! Filling too! Yum! This is also a great treat to make with kids – you can make it before school and it’s ready when they come home! Fun!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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