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Day 28: Being Beautiful - Jennifer Hadley

Day 28: Being Beautiful

March 15, 2016
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Nature is the ultimate Beauty!

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I once had a counseling client that had a real challenge with her skin. I’ll call her Sydney. She had psoriasis and would have outbreaks on her face and hands that really bothered her. Dandruff was a real issue too. She was a single woman and was interested in meeting a man, and she felt that her skin issues were an impediment.

What I came to realize is that the skin issues were the reflection of mental issues that were also emotional issues. Let me give an example: Let’s say that perhaps Sydney believed that being in a relationship with a man was scary. Although she felt that a relationship with a man was what she desired, she had a deep fear of intimacy that made Love was scary and so letting someone in was threatening. Being intimate in a very deep, heartfelt, connected way would be overwhelming. These beliefs might show up like worry, fear, anxiety in her emotional body and as the skin challenges in her physical body.

What I saw with Sydney was that she continued to do her inner spiritual work and healed her fears to the point where she could attract a man into her life who really, deeply loved her and desired to know her. He wasn’t put off by her skin issues.

Sydney, after twenty years of struggling with skin issues, discovered that changes in her diet miraculously improved her skin issues and they almost completely disappeared. She was radiant and beautiful to her sweetheart and to everyone who met her.

What I witnessed was that Sydney did her inner work, then attracted a man to help her continue with that inner work, and a great Love came into her life that helped her to see her own lovability. Soon after she was immediately led to make the changes in her diet that led to the healing of her skin.

When she was able to feel safe being beautiful, she no longer “needed” to hide behind her skin issues. And that’s just one example of many ways that we do our healing at the level of the mind, the emotional healing soon follows and so does the physical.

Sometime around 2000 I changed my outgoing voicemail to begin with “hello, beautiful,” and people began immediately telling me how much they loved to get my voicemail! When I started my daily prayer line in 2007, I decided to start with “hello, Beautiful …” and I’m so glad I did.

I’ve learned that we’re all beautiful – truly – the Spirit within us is Beauty beyond imagining. Our very nature is Beauty. Beauty is a spiritual quality that is dynamic and healing. Beauty is omnipresent and we can see it and feel it everywhere.

About 10 years ago I heard Dr. David Hawkins speaking and he was asked what could be done to help the children grow up healthier and he replied “surround them with beauty of all kinds.” Beauty is naturally uplifting and healing.

In our society, some people believe that people who aren’t considered beautiful are also not as worthwhile as those who are thought to be beautiful. I saw a lot of that thinking while living in Los Angeles.

I also met many people who had the mental/emotional “condition” called body dismorphic disorder. People who have body dysmorphic disorder ruminate on their perceived flaws for hours each day. They can’t often seem to be unable to control their negative thoughts and don’t believe people who tell them that they look fine.

Their obsession with their appearance causes great emotional distress and preoccupies them to the point of dysfunction. They isolate because they don’t feel attractive, even when anyone who saw them would say they are quite beautiful. Sometimes they undergo unnecessary plastic surgeries to correct perceived imperfections, but don’t find any satisfaction with the results. Peace of mind regarding their looks eludes them no matter what they try to do to make themselves look attractive. No matter how attractive they are they don’t recognize it.

Beauty is in our natural spiritual nature. It’s part of our inheritance and we all have it. Beauty’s not skin deep, it radiates outward. In my own journey, I used to feel uncomfortable with people taking my picture. Now, I take pictures with people all the time. I publish pictures of myself in my bathing suit and without make up. I AM as I AM and I’m ok with it. Some days the pictures come out better than other days, but it doesn’t matter that much. Some days I get all dressed up and put on make up to take pictures. It’s about having fun and feeling free. I like the freedom I’ve given myself to just be who I AM.

Years ago, I saw a very important and thought-provoking documentary that I feel would benefit everyone who sees it. You can watch it here – or you can get it from Netflix and other sources – it’s called American the Beautiful. I feel it’s particularly valuable to parents and grandparents. It’s about teenagers and the need to be attractive in our society.

In our 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear, we’re cultivating the ability to Love ourselves free of being afraid to be seen, to be beautiful, and to be healthy! What are your feelings about beauty? Please share in our facebook group.

Our spiritual practice makes us naturally more radiant, luminous and beautiful. Once again, we realize:

Spiritual practice SAVES time that would otherwise be spent in suffering.
Invest in spiritual practice rather than in suffering.

The more you let go of the false beliefs about what is beautiful and what isn’t, the freer you will feel. Judgments and opinions aren’t beautiful on anyone. Let’s look to appreciate the beauty in all! That’s a spiritual practice we can practice all day long!

On the cleanse side of life: In the evening it can be nice to have a light soup and this is a great one if you don’t mind something that’s not hot.

Chilled Cucumber Soup with Mint
3 cucumbers peeled (seed them if you like)
1 lemon, peeled
1/4 c pine nuts
4 cups water
1 t pink salt
2 T olive oil
1/4 c fresh mint leaves

Blend everything except mint at high speed for about 3 mins until smooth. Add mint and blend for 15 seconds – serve chilled. Easy peasy!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

Come run away with me! Check out my Stop Playing Small Retreat this May in North Carolina! ALSO I’m offering my Spiritual Counseling Intensive Training again – check it out, also in May in North Carolina!

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