Day 34: Being the Love of Your Life

March 21, 2016

Love is our healer!

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By now, many in our group are coming off the 21 day cleanse suggested in the book we’ve been using for our detox, Clean, by Alejandro Junger. People are adding things back in and discovering that they’re really happier without them. That’s a wonderful discovery!

Clearing our mind of judgments we’re able to lighten our emotional load and open our heart. Clearing our digestive system, allowing for restoration to happen and supporting the body in healing itself, we’re learning to be loving with ourselves in new and powerful ways.

In our 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear, we’re actively practicing making self-loving choices and that brings us so much benefit. Love is the true healer of anything and everything that we could ever wish to have a healing of. Love is our true identity. Love is our natural state. When we’re being loving toward ourselves we’re healing ourselves.

How often have we wished to blame our not feeling well on others or on situations and circumstances, when in fact, we simply haven’t been self-loving? Now, we’re learning that we can have an active practice of being self-loving and it’s REALLY worth it.

Healing the mind does heal the body. Being kind and caring for our bodies, helps us heal our mental and emotional bodies – there’s a synergy that is powerful.

Loving self-talk is a habit we can learn.

Awareness is healing. Awareness IS Love. When we’re willing to be aware then we can find so many ways to be kind and gentle with ourselves, the way we’d be with a child that we dearly loved. That basic kindness includes not eating food that makes us feel sick and tired. It means recognizing the foods that support us in feeling balanced, energized, and harmonious. It’s so empowering when you cultivate the willingness to tune in and feel what bests support you to eat and drink in the moment.

Be willing to get out of the habits of your head and into feeling with your heart. When I was in college, I lived with my best friend in an apartment off campus. We were on a tight budget so every week we did a big grocery shop. We clipped coupons and looked for sales. We bought things according to what was on sale and we filled our freezer with things like chicken pot pies – 4 for $1. We weren’t really thinking about nutrition. We certainly weren’t tuning in to what felt best.

The more I’ve learned to Love myself, the more I shop for food according to what feels energetically good the more I feel I’m loving myself and that feels really good.

There’s AMAZING healing that can happen when we decide to become the Love of our lives. The ego thought is that loving ourselves is egotistical, but only the ego thinks that. Our Holy Higher Self knows that loving ourselves is loving our God Self and that’s the answer to every problem. Recognizing our God Self and adoring our own God nature is not hubris, it’s healing.

People who Love themselves from a pure space of spiritual recognition are magnetically attractive and inspiring to others. People who don’t love themselves, who treat themselves poorly will attract like-minded people. Like attracts like. We can change our mind and change our lives. Isn’t it amazing that we can also change our diet and change our mind. It all works together for our healing!

Look at how quickly many of the people in our Pray & Clear group have had really powerful shifts in energy and well being and now feel inspired to keep going and take it up a few more notches? The shares in our facebook group have been so helpful and inspiring. Please let us know what you’re personally discovering and feeling as you move through your detox experience. What are you learning about yourself? What are your challenges? Let’s share our insights!

Chocolate Pudding fans rejoice! Here’s a great Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding recipe that’s so easy AND healthy! WOO HOO! My suggestions are to make your own almond milk with this easy recipe take a portion of it for your pudding – and don’t strain it – let the almond bits stay in there (I do the same for my smoothies, then blend the dates in with the almond milk (best to soak the dates first so they’re nice and soft).

I prefer not to blend the chia seeds with the almond milk because I like the texture – so I’d rather add them later. I like to make it in a jar and shake it up – I shake it frequently for the first 5 mins or so and then once again in about 20 minutes and then it’s fine to let it sit and finish for a couple of hours. It’s really SO easy. Super healthy and delicious! You can vary the recipe – add raspberries or strawberries – coconut cream on top! YUM!

Chia seeds are a natural superfood – packed with minerals, calcium, protein and high in anti-oxidents. I put them in all kinds of things! They’re great in a smoothie as long as you can let the smoothie sit for about 20 minutes so the seeds can absorb the liquid and become soft. Try some organic chia seeds today!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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