Day 40: Freedom!

March 27, 2016

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The whole purpose of our 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear is to join together as a group with the intention of becoming more aware of the choices we’re making so that we can consciously choose more loving choices and liberate from all the causes of suffering that we unconsciously perpetuate. The group energy has been so supportive! Thank you to everyone who has participated in our facebook group!

The combination of praying every day and also detoxing on mental, emotional and physical levels, allows to have more clarity. Clarity gives us the ability to consciously make the choices that lead us to feeling more free and more empowered.

So many people struggle with low energy. The low energy starts with thinking unloving thoughts of lack, limitation, regret, resentment, shame, blame, jealousy, and all manner of judgments and then it devolves into self-medicating because we don’t like how we feel and we feel helpless – we drown out the feelings with self-medication and then feel even less empowered.

People think poorly about themselves and then choose to eat foods that are almost devoid of nutrition and chi (or energy) and then wonder why they don’t feel very well. They’re not loving themselves and then they microwave and freeze their food and don’t feel very vibrant or alive.

The truth is that what we eat would hardly matter if our mind was clear and focused on Love at all times. In this world, people eat the food and drink the beverages that are the vibrational match for what they’re thinking. Like attracts like.

We can continue to spiral upwards in our healing by working both sides of the equation. Consider this, if, in your finances, you’re deficit spending and you’d like to stop that and build up some cash reserves, the most effective method is to have a two pronged approach:

1. Decrease your spending
2. Increase your income

We’re doing the same thing in our 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear.

1. Decrease these: negative self talk, foods that don’t support, sleep-walking through life
2. Increase these: loving Self-talk, cherishing your Self, eat vibrant, nutrient rich food that’s easy for the body to process, mindfulness

A little bit of change per day goes a very long way in just 40 days. You’ve seen that and you can keep it going and experience more benefits! Go for it! You’re worth it!

I’m very grateful for your willingness to take this journey with me. I’ve learned a lot. I’m continuing to learn about my body and my mind and how Spirit teaches me to work with both of them and how my emotional body relates. Personally, I feel more empowered and more free. I never thought that I’d have more energy without the coffee and the caffeine – two things I really Love, but I’ve definitely noticed that I feel better and have more energy without the coffee and caffeine.

I hope that you’re experiencing more Joy in your life! From now on, I invite you to remember:

Nothing tastes as good as Joy feels.

If you feel this 40 Day Pray & Clear was helpful to you, please consider making a contribution to the Power of Love Ministry to support our continuing to share many free offerings to support you in living the life you truly desire! Please click here to make a donation now.

Please let me know your feedback about this program and keep me posted with how you’re doing in our facebook group!
I’d like know what you’d like more of or less of and what really helped you the most.

I will be sending occasional updates as I learn more. And, I’m going to edit the 40 days of emails, shoot some videos and keep improving this program. You can always sign up for it again! And of course, you can always do the Clean Program 21 day detox whenever you’d like.

Thank you and God bless you!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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