Day 37: Healing the Body

March 24, 2016

You can have fun playing with your food at any age!

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I’ve been astounded at how much what we eat plays a part in healing our mental, emotional and physical bodies. I feel as though I’m just beginning to understand how they’re all related. I believe that our physical body is a gift to us on this spiritual growth journey.

Sometimes it seems as though the body is an impediment to our spiritual growth because it can be so distracting. We get distracted by cravings, pain, sexuality, having babies, illness, injury and lethargy. All these experiences seem to distract us from being happy, having spiritual growth, and living a life worth living – and YET – all of these experiences are our teachers who have come to teach us exactly what we are to learn. There’s quantum healing in each experience if we’re willing to access it with our mind.

One of my favorite lessons in the workbook of A Course in Miracles is “I do not know what anything is for.” So much of what happens in our lives can be confusing and is easily misinterpreted. Certainly much of what occurs with our bodies is confusing, distracting and incomprehensible. Yet, it’s all for our learning.

Everything that happens has a learning encoded into it if we’re willing to receive it – and every learning is about releasing the meaning we have made of things. Every learning is for discovering the higher choices, the loving choices and the thoughts that help us remember our oneness and union with perfect Love, with God, with each other and the Universe.

In truth EVERYTHING is for us and nothing is against us, but it doesn’t seem like that when we’re not in our right mind. The body can be so challenging for us to hold properly in our minds. The body is for communication, it’s a learning tool.

I’ve found it to be incredibly useful to consistently ask what things are really for, so that I can move beyond the meaning I’ve made of things and my interpretations. When we’re asking what things are really for then we’re opening ourselves to receive the healing encoded into them. Asking is a demonstration of our willingness to let go of our interpretations.

We can begin to receive guidance for our healing at unexpected and unprecedented levels! The guidance is there for us and our willingness is required. I’m consistently realizing that the guidance I’ve been getting is right on, and I’m learning to recognize it more and more.

Healing the body can mean really listening to what the mind has to say about the body. I love my body more than I ever have and feel better about it than I ever have. Love is the healer! Our thoughts about our body have a profound effect on the physical experience were’ having. Let’s commit to holding only loving thoughts!

Some of my guidance has been to sit less. “Sitting is the new smoking.” Or so “they” say. One thing that I’ve learned in the last year is that it’s great to have a standing desk as an alternative to so much sitting. Now, I teach my classes and do a lot of the work at my computer at a standing desk. I also use balance pads to stand on, to strengthen my balance, and to soften things so that I’m not just standing on the hard floor. I enjoy standing as I like to be active and move around. I like to mix it up and go back and forth between standing and sitting. These days they even make desks that raise and lower along with chairs that do too, so you can stand or sit as you prefer.

Another bit of guidance has been to do less snacking between meals – I used to feel that having smaller meals throughout the day was best for me, but things are changing and now it feels like it’s better to rest my digestive system between meals rather than to keep stoking the fire. I’m noticing that’s my preference. It feels best to me.

We can notice which foods make us feel sleepy, irritable, jumpy. Is it best for us to have a nap after eating or go for a 10 minute stroll? You’ll be amazed at how life changing it can be to simply go for a short stroll after you eat. It’s a great habit to get into. Becoming aware of what we’re really feeling helps us to know when something is out of balance. Balance is health.

The more we deepen our spiritual practice of being loving, the more awareness we have, the more healing we can facilitate. The most challenging thing is really to just simply be aware of the choices we’re making and the motivation for making them. It’s astounding how often we’d rather not know what’s really happening in our own mind, body and life. The idea of personal responsibility is so threatening, the sense of failure can be so great. And yet, our mind is the mind of God and we have the power to heal if we choose to be aware. Awareness is curative because awareness is Love. Our awareness is the Love of God shining into our life!

Once again, mindfulness is a powerful, life-changing spiritual practice!

Spiritual practice SAVES time that would otherwise be spent in suffering.
Invest in spiritual practice rather than in suffering.

We’re almost at the finish of our 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear! Now’s the perfect time to make new habits that support our healing. We’re paying attention to what does and doesn’t feel good and why. Please share your insights and questions in our facebook group!

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