Day 39: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart (K.I.S.S.)

March 26, 2016

Simple pleasures help us feel the Love that's always available!

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I find it helpful to remember that whenever the voice in my head is negative it is the old ego habits and patterns that have absolutely NO power unless I agree with them. I have the power NOT to agree. I get to choose. I AM the one who chooses.

Ego says you can’t do it.
Ego says it won’t work for you.
Ego says you don’t have what it takes.

But you know what? We don’t work for the ego! We work for God, Inc! Everything is for us and nothing is against us because we’re one with the one, baby!! The ego is none with the none!

When we decide to make simple changes that support our well being and happiness then we ARE doing it. On this path of awakening and healing we make many decisions. Decisions are so valuable. Once we decide something we’re more likely to stick to it.

By participating in our 40 day reboot of Pray & Clear! you’ve proven that you can make some simple changes, and that you’re not powerless. You now know that you don’t have to settle for not feeling well, having low energy, feeling nervous and anxious throughout your day. You now are aware that your choices in what you eat and drink make a difference in your well being.

For a real boost of motivation and inspiration, consider this: You make a choice at least every 5 seconds. If you’re awake for 17 hours a day that’s well over 12,000 choices. And just count how long 5 seconds is – so you know you’re actually making a lot more than 12,000 choices each day.

Every choice we make is either a loving, supportive choice, or it’s an unloving, unsupportive choice. There really are no neutral choices. Can you see that if you make 10 more loving choices today, then you did yesterday, you’re going to start tipping that balance in favor of loving choices. It works when you work it!

It can seem overwhelming to think about the thousands of choices we make each day, but if you’re willing, you’ll start picking up speed, it builds momentum!

Here’s a loving choice that pops into my mind – what do you think about when you go to the bathroom? What about counting your blessings and giving thanks? Being grateful raises your vibration and increases your intuition. Being grateful increases the flow of good in your life. Wouldn’t you like the flow of more good? Train yourself to give thanks when you pe!

When I’m in public restrooms I frequently hear women peeing with tremendous force – like they’re in a race and have to pee super fast. I used to do that when I was younger. I was always in a hurry. In my personal practice of nonviolence I realized that it wasn’t very kind to my body. What’s the big rush? I don’t wish to live like I’m running in a race. I’d rather live like I’m being fully supported by the universe at all times, because I AM being fully supported by the entire universe at all times!

Why make anything more important than your well being and happiness? I mean, really, why do that? If you examine your life, you’ll notice that ALL of yourself destructive choices are because the ego/personality is telling you that it will bring you happiness. You already know that those destructive choices don’t bring you happiness and they never will. Self-destruction only takes you to deeper despair and further away from connection with your Higher Holy Self. Loving choices are the healing choices. We can find more loving choices in so many aspects of our daily living. Let’s discover them!

We keep it simple to keep it going!
Keep it simple, sweetheart! Mwah!

Seemingly insignificant choices can be turned from unloving to unloving when we become mindful. Once again, mindfulness is a powerful, life-changing spiritual practice!

Spiritual practice SAVES time that would otherwise be spent in suffering.
Invest in spiritual practice rather than in suffering.

As we continue on with inspired living, making new discovers, please share your insights and questions in our facebook group!

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