Peace Is Every Step

March 29, 2016

Footprints in the sand remind us that we're never alone.

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Peace Is Every Step is the name of one of my all-time favorite books. The author is the Buddhist monk and beautiful teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thich Nhat Hanh, like King, is a master teacher. He tells us, “The roots of war are in the way we live our daily lives — the way we develop our industries, build up our society and consume goods. We have to look deeply into the situation and we will see the roots of war. We cannot just blame one side or the other. We have to transcend the tendency to take sides.”

As spiritual students we realize that there are no sides. Since we’re all one, how can there be sides? The idea that there are sides is really an illusion. There are different perspectives, different perceptions and points of view, but the fact is that we’re all one and there is only one side – it’s the side of Truth. All else is false and will ultimately dissolve into nothingness.

A Course in Miracles tells us that, “Peace is impossible to those who look on war. Peace is inevitable to those who offer peace.” Let us decide to offer Peace. When we’re not at Peace we’ve chosen a thought that’s not true. It’s really that simple. We look for the thought that is true and then we come back to Peace. The Spirit will guide us if we’re willing. We don’t have to strain or struggle. What a relief!

When your Peace seems to escape you or someone you love, it’s so valuable to remember that your emotional, physical, and mental breakdowns give you the opportunity to practice what you are learning, and that’s a helpful thing. Breakdowns give you the opportunity to choose to use the tools you’ve learned. When you use your tools you discover that they work and that is very empowering and therefore healing.

When you don’t use the tools and fall back into old patterns you learn how beneficial the tools are. The breakdowns are for the purpose strengthening of your mind and discovering you do have the strength within you if you choose it. The breakdowns do not mean you are failing, they deepen your practice.

When I learned to be grateful for the breakdowns, and grateful for the opportunity to practice, I began to heal so much more rapidly. In this way, I discovered for myself that Peace is in every step of my path if I choose it.

Today, I choose Peace and in so doing, I move the entire world in the direction of Peace and I know that I AM fulfilling my purpose. What a blessing!

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