Revelations of Truth

March 28, 2016

Having a revelation is like a blast of beauty for the mind!

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I’ve learned to be a welcome space for revelations of Truth. I ask for them. I desire them. I’m open to them.

Revelations can come in the smallest most everyday moments. This is especially true when I’m looking for them, expecting them and grateful when they come. Each little revelation can cause a revolution within me if I let it.

Years ago I had the tiniest revelation. What happened is this: I was in a work situation, in a corporate office, and had a brief conversation with someone I was only somewhat acquainted with. When we were done I had the impulse to hug her. Had I not been in a corporate environment I probably would have hugged her, but in the office it seemed inappropriate and so I let it pass. As she walked away I thought about how I’d squelched my impulse to be loving. It seemed crazy that there could be any moment, any situation where a genuine loving expression would be inappropriate.

In my experience, love is the one thing I’ve never had too much of. Love’s the one thing most of us all would like a whole lot more of. Yet how often do we hold back our love for fear of what others might think? Fearing what other people think is a big influence on many people.

I feel that I had my revelation because I’d made a commitment to become nonviolent. I’d reached a point where I desired to BE the way I was looking for. My heart was opening and expanding and I wished to include everyone and everything. I decided to become undeterred by fear about what others might think of me. I make the commitment to allow myself the freedom to express all of the love in my heart. I’m still working on learning how to allow my commitment to turn my small revelation into a life size revolution. In this way I move the world in the direction of love and peace and I have a much higher quality of living!

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