Seeing With Divine Sight

March 31, 2016

Let's see with Angel vision!

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Our goal is to see with Divine Sight. We’re actively choosing to purify our sight and so that we can recognize that our perceptions and our projections are not accurate. As we rise in our awareness re discover that, until we can see beyond all directions of time and space we’re going to keep seeing the meaning that we have made of things. We’re going to keep re-experiencing our beliefs and our interpretations of things based upon our beliefs.

Like attracts like. Our thinking attracts like-mineded people and experiences. Our thoughts are attracted into our awareness based on our beliefs and then we experience our beliefs again and again. It can seem sometimes like we’re caught on a hamster wheel and we’re being tortured.

What’s actually happening is we’re regurgitating these beliefs over and over again and we just keep attracting the repetition of our thoughts in our experiences. It’s not because there’s something wrong with us or we deserve to be punished. It’s that there’s a belief to be healed and, believe it or not, everything works together for our good.

When we’re having a distressing experience, if we can stop in that moment and call upon the Holy Spirit, move into Love and Gratitude as the most basic spiritual practice. We can say to ourselves, “I’m willing to choose to most loving choice. I’m grateful I can Partner UP with the Holy Spirit. I’m grateful I can choose, and see, and discover the most loving choice and get off this hamster wheel.”

When there’s distress, when there’s fear, when there’s worry, when there’s doubt, when there’s upset, then the opportunity to heal the pattern is at hand. When there’s a temptation to say, “I am being unfairly treated.” Stop yourself before you start thinking that you know what’s really going on. Partner UP with the Holy Spirit and make the most loving choice that you can see. And sometimes the most loving choice is to step back and wait. Sometimes we just have to wait.

If you feel that someone is abusing you in that moment, there’s no need to stand for that. This is coming into your experience so you can heal your mind that is thinking the thoughts that attract it. You’re not to blame. There’s no point in blaming anyone, we accept responsibility – we let go of blame. There is some reason that this is for your good which does not mean that you stand for it, that you accept it. Instead, we work at the level of the mind and we don’t judge it. We remember that Love is our healer and we Love ourselves into our right mind.

There’s a difference between accepting and judging – and that’s a really critical difference. For instance, if someone steals from me, I can accept, “Okay, this is what’s happened, this person has stolen from me” and I can go through regular channels to say, “Hey, I’d like my stuff back. I’d like my money back.” But I don’t have to judge them and I don’t have to say, “This is unfair and that they are bad and they’re wrong” because everything works together for my good. Everything has a Holy purpose to my life. Let me not think I know what anything is for. Let me open my mind to the goodness that is encoded into every moment of my life.

I take great comfort and receive true wisdom from A Course in Miracles says, Workbook Lesson 135, “What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?” This passage helps me because I take it on faith that God is always good and God is the only power there is. This is what allows me to have Divine Sight.

I may not understand everything in my life, but I would like to and the only way I know to get to the truth is through my faith. My faith brings me to Divine Sight, and for this, I AM so very grateful.

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