Day 25: Water Has Memory

March 12, 2016

Prayer for Miraculous Healing

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One of the most wonderful and helpful things for us to know as spiritual students is that water has memory. We can use this to bring great benefit! We can bless our water and then our water blesses us. This is one great reason to remember to bless your food!

Your body is 60% water – and that water holds memory. It’s constantly receiving an impress of thought from you – every second! This is yet another great reason to work at the level of the mind. You might prefer to think that a few negative thoughts here and there aren’t that meaningful, but most people I work with in my classes are literally shocked to realize how much they’re focused on the negative and don’t even realize it. In my classes, as in 40 day reboot Pray & Clear program, we focus on changing our mind and our belief system.

I like to write positive words on my water bottles – and even on my Vitamix Blender!

There have been lots of studies that have become quite popular in the last 15 years that demonstrate that water holds memory. You might be familiar with the acclaimed work of Dr. Masura Emoto who demonstrated that when we think thoughts around water, it imprints the water. He actually took drops from jars of water that had been labeled with thoughts and froze those drops and then looked at the crystal formations under a microscope. Here’s what “you make me sick” looked like:

Here’s what “Love & Gratitude” looked like:

I found a wonderful movie that I highly recommend you watch – Water: The Great Mystery – you can watch it here and you can also get the DVD from Netflix – or sometimes you can find it on YouTube – it’s quite engaging – with Nobel scientists!

We ARE the Love and Power of God, and we’re meant to imprint our thoughts on our world – let’s do it with clear, loving intention! This movie will forever change the way you think about the water in your world, in your bath, your shower, your drinking glass and in your body – in a very positive way! I’ve watched it with friends, and I’ve seen it a couple of times. It bears repeating.

Please enjoy the movie and let me know what you feel about it in our facebook group. All your sharing has been so helpful and inspiring.

Think of blessing the water in your glass and in your bathtub – even blessing the water in your doggie’s dish! Every day there are so ways we can make our life a living spiritual practice! We have so many fun ways we can be more mindful and mindfulness is a powerful, life-changing spiritual practice!

Spiritual practice SAVES time that would otherwise be spent in suffering.
Invest in spiritual practice rather than in suffering.

The more you Love yourself, the better you’ll feel – there’s no simpler formula to find well being than that. It works and it’s miraculously healing. As you cleanse and detox your body can heal itself and do what it is designed to do. It’s wonderful to discover for yourself that:

Nothing tastes as good as Joy feels!

On the cleanse side of life: You can become adventurous or keep it simple – whatever works best for you. I have found the recipes in the Clean Eats book and on the website to be pretty simple and very tasty. The main thing is not to let it be so complicated that it’s not effective because you get overwhelmed. Simple is best. Avoid the foods on the avoid list and stick to the foods that are in the recipes.

I discovered that it’s a bit hidden, but the smoothie recipes are for 2 servings, so you can put one in the fridge for the next day if you like, or just make half. One thing that I sense is important is not to eat the same foods every day, and to mix it up. Be willing to try new things. After eating this way for a while (I started with a 12 day fast in December and then went right into mostly doing the cleanse before actually doing it), I’ve found that my tastes have significantly shifted. I used to love to have whole grains and now, without having them very much for a few months, I really don’t miss them. I’m actually happier with vegetables. My body is finding it’s rhythms really nicely.

I learned that I love putting some coconut milk in my smoothies. A few cashews make it super creamy and filling. Two big handfuls of organic baby spinach really works in my smoothy – it adds fiber and freshness, but the flavor isn’t too intense. Good greens! I take dried goji berries, put them in a jar with some water to soak them so they get really soft and then put a couple of tablespoons of them in my smoothies. It doesn’t add a lot of flavor, but it sure does add a lot of nutrients! Please share your discoveries in our facebook group!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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