Absolute Abundance

April 4, 2016

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Believe it or not, experiencing lack and limitation is a byproduct of feeling unworthy. It took me a long time to see that operating in my life.

What I’ve witnessed is that by healing issues of unworthiness, I am now allowing myself to receive. I am now allowing myself to experience the flow of abundance.

While I live a simple life, without extravagances, I feel that I am in the flow of abundance. I am no longer afraid and worried about money. The big difference is that I truly have come to see that God is my source of good in all things AND everything I share and give, I give to God because God is all there is.

Here are some tips to breaking through the experience of lack and limitation:

When I did not feel worthy of God’s love, I didn’t feel worthy of prosperity and abundance.

Being abundant is our nature. It’s natural for us to be abundant. We have to block abundance in order to experience lack and limitation. Abundance comes from feeling abundant. Feeling abundant requires that sense of worthiness. All are worthy. If you’re holding things against yourself, then you won’t feel worthy and you won’t experience true abundance.

Once again, we can realize that forgiveness is the key to everything. Is there anyone you blame for your financial challenges – anyone at all? That blame is a block to the flow of abundance. If you’d like my help with forgiveness, please check out my free workshop How to Get Over It on the homepage at JenniferHadley.com.

Living with lack and limitation is completely optional – you can change your experience – we all have the power to focus our attention on Love and open up the floodgates of abundance! Our willingness is the key to our transformation.

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