Enjoying the Beauty

April 6, 2016

You can't beat Mother Nature for beauty - Queens Bath on Kauai is gorgeous!

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Today I’m leaving Kauai and I’m not sure when I’ll return. I’ve lived here for almost a year and it’s been a wonderful place to be. Truly, I feel that Kauai is heaven on earth. I see so much beauty here every single day. Every where you go on Kauai there’s beauty.

I believe that I’ve been called to live here, and able to live here because I really cherish Beauty. Beauty is a spiritual quality and as such it’s an aspect of Love. Like Love, Beauty is deeply healing and nourishing to the soul.

I’ve learned to allow for Beauty to show up in my life and to appreciate it. Living in a beautiful place is so valuable to me. In my life, at times, I’ve lived in places that weren’t so nice, usually only for a short period, and I always did whatever I could to make it more beautiful.

Because I actively appreciate and enjoy Beauty I draw it to my experience. Anything we appreciate and are grateful for multiplies in our life. I encourage you to make a habit of looking for new ways to appreciate and be grateful for Beauty showing up in your life. Beauty will definitely bring inspiration and healing with it! Gratitude multiplies the good! Appreciation appreciates the good in your life!

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