Releasing Temptation

April 22, 2016

Having fun with more Masterful Living peeps in Las Vegas at the ACIM Conference! Fun!

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A Course in Miracles tells us that all temptation is related to the body. All temptation is for the sole purpose of keeping us identified with a body.

Usually when we think of temptation we think of “committing sins” such as lust, gluttony and greed. However, we all know that for many people lust, gluttony and greed are no temptation. They simply are completely uninterested in them and so there’s no temptation whatsoever.

While some folks struggle with addiction and struggle intensely, the greatest temptation or addiction that I know of for most people is the temptation to judge.

The temptation to judge is the temptation to form an opinion which generates and reinforces the sense of separation. The person who is focused in oneness has no need for opinions and judgments because the truth is much more preferable.

When we judge there is then the further temptation to become irritated, frustrated, angry, sad or some other emotional expression that brings us down.

What about the temptation to judge in the form of complaining and criticizing?

How many of us think of these emotional outbursts as temptations that keep us identified with the body? This body identification is the ultimate in playing small!

Now is the time for us to open our mind to how profound a shift and change we can make if we’re willing. Now is the time for us to stop playing small and to expand into an awareness of how many loving choices we can begin to make if we’re willing.

Let’s amp up the willingness and be mindful of the temptations that seem to be hidden. Today’s the day! Let’s do this!

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