A Quality Life

May 28, 2016

Grateful to be back in Greece!

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I’ve come to really know and understand that there is no big or small in the Divine Mind of God. There is no right or wrong and no good or bad either. The Infinite simply IS, pure and profoundly simple. As I deepen in living my life AS my Spiritual Practice, my relationship with the Beloved becomes more intimate and my understanding becomes more pristine. In cultivating this relationship with the Presence, I am becoming more acquainted with myself. I feel more myself than ever before and I LOVE IT!

I can intellectually understand I am One with the Beloved. And it is very different from FEELING I AM One with that Infinite Presence. Through feeling it, I come to truly know my mind is the Divine Mind of God.

Through cultivating this infinite Pristine Awareness of my own true nature as an emanation of the Divine, I’ve come to see that focusing on quantity in my life is a way of playing small. I’d rather have one true quality friend who understands me, inspires me, motivates me, supports me and nourishes my soul than any number of friends to go and do things with and occupy my time and attention. I’m so grateful for this clarity about quality versus quantity.

“The life that intends to be wholly obedient, wholly submissive, wholly listening, is astonishing in its completeness.” Thomas R. Kelly, A Testament of Devotion

There was a time when I thought it was important to read lots of books, take all the popular workshops and classes and give a gazillion hours of service. I’ve come to see that seeking that “quantity” of Spirituality was actually a way of self-sabotage by means of self-medicating. I was “busy for God” – doing, doing, doing for God instead of simply cultivating an intimate relationship with the Beloved.

My life began to profoundly change and the mystical door opened for me when I decided to simply spend time with the Beloved and cultivate my own intimate relationship with the Knower Who Knows in me. I knocked and the door opened. Behind the door was so much more. The more is that high quality of life lived in this awareness:

My word is the word of God.

My mind is the mind of God.

My heart is the heart of God.

My life is the eternal life of God. Now and forever. I don’t have to wait!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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