Ending the Fear of Love

May 3, 2016

We’re spiraling upward in Love!

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Many people fear Love more than anything else.  Many people are terrified to let themselves love even though they really, really would like to have Love in their lives.  It’s a crazy quandary.  It’s a painful paradox.

There’s so much fear associated with Love that it doesn’t even make sense.  How can we fear Love so intensely and also desire it at the same time?

When we fear Love it’s not Love that we fear – it’s the   * associations we make with Love.  We’ve made interpretations of what Love is that are a complete distortion and this is what’s painful.  It’s the distortion that’s painful.  It’s believing something that’s not true that’s painful.  It’s living a lie that’s painful.  It’s playing small that’s so painful.

The good God news is that we can change the associations we’ve made with Love.  We can clear the mental cache, if we’re willing.  It does require us to be willing.  It’s so worth it.

I have learned that the statement, “I’m not interested in that anymore” helps me to shift my energy.  From there, I choose to put my focus on being loving and looking for loving choices.  Then I find myself moving back into the flow of Love where there is no fear.

I invite you to look for the times when you actually fear letting Love in or fear making the loving choices.  These are the choice points that determine the quality of every minute of the rest of our lives.

I’ve missed opportunities to be loving that I can never get back.  I have learned from them so I don’t regret it, but there was a time when I did.  I’ve had to do the work to forgive myself for my errors and that was hard for me.

I prefer not to miss the loving opportunities anymore.  Sometimes I do miss them or don’t choose them, and when that happens, my practice of non-judgment keeps me in my loving heart.

I intend to live to see the day when the fear of Love is completely gone.  Let that day be this day!

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