Fulfilling Your Function

May 17, 2016

Two moms and a baby! On retreat in North Carolina - it’s a family affair with Heather, Rainbow & Cadence.

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Our function is to Love. That’s pure and it’s simple. And for many of us, a lot of the time, it’s not so easy. It’s amazing how challenging it can be to simply do the thing we desire most: Be Loving.

And yet, when we can fulfill our function and extend love and compassion to others, it feels so good! Fulfilling our function feels great – so why do we resist it?

The resistance can be such a habit. Our energy flows in the same old ways because that’s what we’re used to. It’s the path of least resistance. Choosing Love sometimes feels like the path of most resistance.

A friend makes a choice that doesn’t feel loving and so we decide to cut them out of our lives, to give them the cold shoulder, to withhold love. It seems like we’re punishing them because we don’t trust them anymore. What it really is, it’s a choice of separation. It’s a choice to block the flow of Love rather than have a holy relationship.

It’s not easy to stay open-hearten when we’re still focused on the unhealed hurts of the past.

I’ve learned that forgiveness is the way of ALL healing.
Forgiveness is non-judgment.
I have to be willing to release the meaning I’ve made of things.

Again, it comes down to willingness. Willingness takes me to the doorway of my loving heart. Then I can choose again. I choose Love and Love chooses me. I choose a life of Love.

Love IS Prosperity, Abundance, Wholeness. Love is ALL.

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