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I AM A Liberator! - Jennifer Hadley

I AM A Liberator!

May 6, 2016
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Celebrating our liberation!

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When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Harriett Tubman. I was obsessed with her. I read books about her. She was my hero. I would read about her and I just couldn’t believe how amazing she was.

And then when I became older in my 20s, I learned about Gandhi, and I read about Gandhi. I read his autobiography and I learned that Gandhi was profoundly moved and inspired by the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. I read that Dr. King was profoundly inspired, of course, by Jesus and Gandhi.

I began to look at these people. And what do Harriet Tubman, Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Junior have in common? They’re all liberators. They’re all helping people to liberate from a slave mentality, and they’re all my heroes, and I realized, because that for me is what I am interested in, liberating myself from a slave mentality.

And then like Harriet Tubman, who… People who are listening to this in Europe and other parts of the world, you might not know who she was. You can google her. But in the times of American slavery, she was a woman who was a slave and she, through the underground railroad, she brought hundreds of people to freedom, hundreds of slaves, leading them through the woods in the dark of night with dogs chasing them, to freedom.

She went back into the South over and over again at great peril to her own life in order to bring out more and more people from slavery, including her husband who beat her and scarred her. She even went back for him because she knew that he had this slave mentality and she could forgive him.

She’s my super hero so I decided to become the liberator of my own life by partnering up with the Holy Spirit. I learned the power of Love to heal. I have learned that there is no other healer. Love is the healer because Love is the only power because Love is what God is. Love is what we are.

I’m choosing liberation. I won’t allow myself to suffer anymore. I love myself enough that I do not allow myself to suffer anymore. I don’t shame myself anymore. I don’t hate on myself anymore. I became willing to do whatever it took, one moment at a time. And that’s how I began Finding Freedom.
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