Learning Is Remembering

May 26, 2016

Remembering the beauty in life is remembering our natural state.

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I can be like a sponge, soaking up everything in my environment. In every moment of every day, we’re taking in information, we’re constantly learning and observing. I say all the time: we’re always teaching the efficacy of our choices. Everyone around us is watching us and noticing whether our choices bring us happiness or upset. They learn by watching, we learn by experiencing.

Along this spiritual journey, the time came when I recognized that much of what I’ve learned from what people told me is untrue. These untruths that keep getting passed along stem from a belief in duality. A belief in good and evil – opposing forces. Now, I know we live in a unified field – one and only one. I believe that evil is not a separate force, but simply that which appears to be destructive. Now, I remember that there are seasons to everything. Sometimes the winter season feels intensely destructive, and then spring comes and the renewal begins again.

I consider how many things I hear in a day that I could easily accept as true that are actually completely false. Things such as: people don’t change, life is hard and then you die, it’s better to give than to receive, time heals all wounds, etc. Any lie I choose to believe will create upset in one way or another. The upset calls it to my attention so that I can address it. Triggers let us know when something is up for healing.

In ZEN MIND, BEGINNER’S MIND, Shunryu Suzuki writes, “When you forget all your dualistic ideas, everything becomes your teacher, and everything can be the object of worship.”

Today, I invite you to make a list of beliefs you’ve accepted that you’d like to forget and replace with the truth. Be sure to include beliefs about yourself as well as beliefs about life and others. Doing this exercise will be profoundly helpful and healing.

In choosing to actively release our false beliefs, we take a giant step toward living in Truth. Through the personal practice of living in alignment with Truth, we are a positive voice for truth in the world. Be in service to the Light. Be willing to forget the false! True learning is remembering the eternal truth.

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