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June 8, 2016

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I’ve been traveling in Greece for the last ten days and it’s been lovely to have some time off and be in a different environment. I’m such a creative person. I get so many ideas all the time. What I notice is that the ideas that really feel meaningful to me are the ones that improve our lives. It’s the ideas that have to do with sharing and spreading Love that feel worth entertaining.

Here in Greece, the people have been experiencing a fiscal crisis for many years. Many feel that there hasn’t been much inspired leadership here in about thirty five years. The people are ripe for a leader with vision to come forward with inspiration to lead them into creative expression to improve their lives – but is that what they actually desire? Is that the vision the people are holding? Are they willing to support it?

These are questions we can ask ourselves about our own lives. If you don’t like the leadership in your country, in your workplace, in your community and family, are you willing to hold a vision for inspired leadership? It seems so much easier to complain about what you don’t like then hold the vision for something wonderful being realized and brought into expression.

One thing I notice about myself is that the more I let go of complaints, the more Creativity and Freedom I feel. There’s a direct correlation between lack, limitation and complaining. I used to be quite a complainer so I’ve done the research, I learned the hard way!

I’ve learned that being grateful is an activator for inspiration. Praising and giving thanks for the good in my life brings forth more creativity and inspiration. Love is the liberator and being loving and grateful liberates our creativity.

I express creativity in so many ways, all day long. I can express creativity with the way I dress, the way I approach a meal, and the way I go for a walk. There are no limits except in our belief system.

Focusing on releasing the limits while also actively being more loving opens up so much creativity and inspiration. It definitely improves the quality of every moment of every day. WOW!

Are you willing to give up complaining in order to have a better quality of life every day? Are you interested in more Love and Prosperity? Quit complaining! You may find you’re addicted to it – and that will help you to be more aware of the importance of leaving complaints behind. Today’s the day!

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