Attitude or Gratitude

June 9, 2016

Santorini beaches are black sand and rock from the volcano - I’m sending you a message on by the sea!

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I’ve learned to trust that everything is in Divine Order at all times. There is only Divine Will and therefore there can only be Divine Order. Even when we choose to be less than loving, less than kind, even then Divine Will is still unfolding in Divine Order. Whatever we put out into the world we will receive back multiplied and so we’ll learn from it.

When we send out kindness, Love, patience, gratitude and willingness we receive the same multiplied and life is so much easier. This is how we learn. We learn through the contrast we observe in our experiences and in what other people experience. We’re always teaching and we’re always learning. It never stops. The mind never rests or sleeps.

What goes around, comes around with attitude or gratitude! You decide the flavor by the message you send.

“To have, give all to all.” ~ A Course in Miracles

To have Love and kindness, give Love and kindness to all.

Being able to trust in Divine order I know that even when things don’t go the way I’d like them to go, or the way that I feel would be best, that things ARE still unfolding for the best. I will learn from it no matter what. All learning is helpful. The good is unstoppable! I’m the one decides to receive it as good, but even if I label my experiences as not good, they are still actually, fully, and completely for my good. I love that!

I have come to see that whether I can immediately understand how something that appears to be a loss or challenge could be for the best, it IS absolutely for the best. Since my words and thoughts have power, why would I claim it any other way? I claim my good!

Today is the day to claim the good in life and to harvest the good in everything that appears to have gone wrong or be bad. There can only be good.

Labeling something bad or wrong only delays the harvest of the learning because the labels deny that their could be any good or helpfulness in what has transpired. We accept what has happened for our highest good and rejoice that only good can unfold in our lives. It’s the way of prosperity.

Being grateful for everything just as it is, is the way to multiply the good in your life and to receive all the healing benefits of every challenging experience. This doesn’t mean we allow people to treat us unkindly – that’s not ever helpful. Allowing people to treat us poorly brings negative karma to all. Those patterns of accepting unkindness are to be interrupted with compassion and kindness.

Every day offers so many opportunities to turn things around, and to activate the blessings that are already there. It’s endless! All it takes is a change of mind. Aren’t we blessed?

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