Bringing Forth Heaven

June 11, 2016

Calling for liberation for us all!

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Our mind is the mind of God, therefore whatever we entertain in our awareness is very much like running film through a projector. Our thoughts are the film. Our awareness is the light. Once we shine the light of our awareness into a thought it begins to become manifest as more thoughts, experiences, situations and circumstances, feelings and attitudes. It can seem that we have no control over our thoughts, but that is a lie. The most important control we have is control over our thoughts.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us “you are far too tolerant of mind wandering.” Whenever we’re upset, our mind has been wandering.

I believe that we, you and I, have chosen to incarnate at this time in order to bring forth the golden age of enlightenment that has long been foretold as the “new heaven and the new earth.” Our thought is our primary tool in bringing heaven to light in our world. In truth, heaven is at hand and we can experience it now.

The more I “take out the trash” thoughts and focus on what I desire, the more my life feels heavenly. I desire to experience the highest and best, most loving and beautiful, most liberating and inspiring life it’s possible for me to live and share with others.

I believe that the New Heaven we’re bringing into manifestation includes inspired government and leadership and I believe it is emerging. I see evidence of that. Regardless of who becomes the next American president, I can feel it. Everything serves the light.

And because our thought is so powerful, I feel it’s imperative that we keep our mind focused on what we’d like to see and refuse to even entertain the possibility of what we don’t wish to see and experience. One thing Michael Beckwith said that has always stuck with me is: When you believe more in what you don’t see, then you won’t see what you do see and you will see what you don’t see.

The New Heaven and the New Earth is moving from the invisible to the visible and we can see it with inner sight if we choose. It’s there for us to behold right now.

I feel a spiritual sisterhood with Patricia Cota-Robles who has participated in several of my tele-summits. I feel she has great insight and awareness and is able to articulate that insight so well and it’s a help to us. A few days ago, Patricia sent out a message that I feel is very much worth reading and sharing and I encourage you to do just that.

One thing she tell us is that our prayers have never been more powerful. I feel this is true. It’s so important for us to pray and pray and pray. Here’s a link to her latest blog and I encourage you to go and read it now. Please share with others!

It’s time for us to roll our sleeves up a bit higher, in Joy, and claim our spiritual destiny! We ARE bringing forth the New Heaven and the New Earth – it’s happening now!

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