Divine Alchemy: Turning Lead into Gold

June 25, 2016

Poodle Roo is a rooster with great wisdom and compassion - he even made it onto Oprah’s network!

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I shared in Thursday’s daily Spiritual Espresso about my history as a bully. I shared how I had turned all of my negative experience into a positive benefit that I now share with others every day. There are often things in our life that we wish were different. Most of us have painful experiences in our past. If we are willing, we can turn anything from pain to positive. Anything.

I’ve known parents whose children became a murderer and they turned it to positive. I know parents whose children died of drug overdose, and they turned it to positive. I know people that have been raped and molested and turned it to positive. I know people who have had their house burn down and lost everything and turned it to positive.

What we can learn from all these positive experiences is that in each case, the person was WILLING to find the gold. They couldn’t just sit with the leaden, heavy-hearted sense of loss. They were willing to USE the experience to bring benefit for others. That’s the difference.

We don’t have to have ANY IDEA of HOW to make the Divine Alchemy happen – all we have to do is be WILLING to let Spirit do the heavy lifting. We have to be willing to place it on the altar and say,

“That’s not my problem anymore.
I may not know HOW it’s going to transform,
but I AM standing in faith that it IS being transformed even now!
I accept and I allow,
and I share the benefits with ALL!”

You know what else Divine Alchemy requires? Forgiveness. Forgiveness which is releasing the judgment. As long as we label something bad we don’t have a willingness to receive the good that is surely encoded into it. Forgiveness is simply being willing to say,

“I don’t know what anything is for,
except it’s for my learning and it’s for my good.
I’m willing to accept the good in this now.”

Here’s a video about a rooster who did the very same thing. I love this little video and this amazing rooster. We might think that chickens and roosters don’t have much happening in their intellect – after all, we label people are chicken when they are hesitant or afraid. Chickens have become synonymous with fear – but of course, there’s something more to every being – including a chicken or a rooster. Take a look! You’ll be glad you did – and, I hope you’ll be inspired!

In the comments section below, please share what you’ve turned from lead into gold in your life OR what you’re willing to transform. This is an opportunity to affirm your willingness to ALLOW transformation to happen. Spirit will do the work if you allow. Let’s make this choice together today! Together with Spirit – it’s a Divine Alchemy!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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