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June 2, 2016

With my sweet friend Gina on Santorini Island in Greece

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I’m on vacation this week in Greece and I’ve been on the island of Santorini with one of my very dearest friends, Gina. Gina is a very loving and generous person with a strong spiritual practice that goes with her everywhere. We have travelled together a few times and it’s so enjoyable for us to be together. Gina visited me in Kauai and now I’m visiting her in her country. Gina is Greek and lives in Athens and also on the island of Andros.

Like me, Gina has come a long way. We’ve both worked very diligently to change our own minds and to become more loving and accepting. Where we once got irritated and upset, taking offense many times a day, now we travel in Peace & Harmony.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and went to breakfast with Gina and life felt so supremely sweet. We were feeling so lovingly supported by the beauty, ease and grace we were experiencing. (I asked for an extra blanket and, of course, they gave me a purple one – my favorite color!) I felt so blessed in all ways. Everywhere we go people are treating us so well. We encounter small delights and little “extras” are added unto us all day long.

Feeling so blessed and grateful, I thought of the many people I have talked to who tell me they don’t have time for spiritual practice or who feel it brings them no benefit. Honestly, I cannot even begin to say how much benefit I’ve received from my spiritual practice. It certainly is FAR beyond what I ever imagined.

For me it’s been a beautiful realization that a spiritual practice is not something we do for a period in the morning and evening. That’s just the foundation – our real practice is ALL DAY LONG. Our devotion to being loving and kind is the REAL practice. Our dedication to practicing non-judgment is the miracle practice.

To be miracle minded, we have to have a deep commitment to non-judgment. At first, it’s SO challenging, but once you begin to FEEL the miracles showing up in your awareness, there’s no going back to living a life of irritation, fear and confusion!

The dedicated practice of non-judgment eliminates the need for forgiveness and creates a path of glory to greater glory! We choose our path – what path will you choose?

Whether you know how to achieve it or not is irrelevant.
Your willingness will reveal the next step and the next.
Isn’t that beautiful? I love it!

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