Irritation Is A Choice

June 13, 2016

I love the sweet little taverna’s by the sea that we find here on the islands in Greece. Sending you Love from Andros!

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To have Peace, be Peace. It’s so simple, but if you’ve been trained to get irritated and annoyed when things don’t go the way you wish they’d go, then being peaceful can feel far, far away.

It took me a long time to realize that I had been trained to become visibly,n noticeably irritated and upset when things didn’t go my way.

I had learned that being upset was my power.
Withholding Love was my power.
Letting people know that I didn’t like things was my power.
Blaming others was my power.
Motivating others with guilt was my power.

I felt powerless over my emotions and my world, so I took the power where I could get it. Of course, the upset power surge was temporary and ultimately it made me feel more depleted, more hopeless, more helpless, more bad, wrong, and worthless.

It was a highly debilitating and depressive cycle that I wasn’t even aware of. I just thought that’s how life is. Life is hard and then you die. I hated life for what “it did to me.”

It was so completely life-changing to realize that if I took total responsibility for the upset, and learned to feel the upset without allowing it to take over, I could actually reclaim my power.

Now, i have learned to notice the feeling of upset rising, and quickly take command with:

“I’m not interested in that old pattern.
I’m not a victim.
My experience is life teaching me and blessing me.
There’s a blessing in this moment for me to receive.
I AM willing to be grateful for my blessings now.
Life is actually loving me through this experience.
I give all the heavy lifting to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.
I will not be moved from this place of healing.
The healing is happening now.
I AM accepting my healing.
I AM accepting the good.
I AM receiving the Universal Support even now.
I AM so very blessed RIGHT NOW!”

It took me a while to change habits, but I began to quickly see how much benefit there was for me and there was no going back. Feeling empowered by Spirit is so much more beautiful then feeling a power surge of irritation and upset.

It’s a practice that we can strengthen all day long and change our lives! Today’s the day!

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