June 16, 2016

I’m choosing heaven today on the island of Andros!

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Twenty five years ago, I saw a funny piece of art. It was a map of an area in Maine where there were lots of islands. The names were all made up, but they sounded like the mix of typical names of places that you see in Maine – a mix of olde English, Irish, Scottish, Welch and native american names. One place I remember was called “Quitchabitchin.” At the time, I thought, “that’s a great name for a place. I’d like to go there. I’d like to live there. How do I get there?”

What if you knew that it would all work out in the end? That’s the promise in A Course in Miracles, that we’ll all get back to heaven, it’s just a matter of our choices to delay heaven or choose it today.

I’ve come to really know that heaven is my choice. If I’m complaining, heaven is not my choice. Which means I’ll have more to complain about. Complaining keeps me very busy managing and coping. I know because I was a chronic complainer.

People sometimes ask me how to activate abundance and prosperity in their life, health and wealth, and the short answer is “quit complaining and start blessing.”

Be a blessing and you’ll live a life of blessings.

It’s not that we’re blessing people and situations in order to get something, but that that we’re recognizing that blessings are natural to our life. As it says in ACIM, miracles are natural.

We can choose to live a miraculous life starting now or we can complain. I say, let’s all move to Quitchabitchin and rejoice to discover a miraculous life in heaven today!!

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