The Way Out of Darkness

June 14, 2016

Rainbows of Love from my heart to your heart

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Have you ever been a terrorist? I have. I’ve terrorized friends, family and myself. I have attacked them with thoughts and words. I have wanted to hurt people and make them pay for my hurt. I have been so afraid that I’ve been violently angry. These are the weeds that I’m continuously pulling up and offering to the light. I feel them healing every day. Every day, I’m looking for the roots of violence in my own mind. This my way out of darkness.

Attacking people is an act of self-hatred. It may look as though the hatred is projected outward, but there really is no “out there.” All is one and there is only the one. Our willingness to feel the Oneness, even if we don’t comprehend it yet, is the key to our liberation. This is how we can, as Gandhi called for, “be the change we’d like to see in the world.”

For a very long time people have found their sexuality threatening. When people find their own sexuality threatening they project it out onto others who are more comfortable with their sexuality. This has been going on for as long as we can recall. We see the religious leaders who are gay who attack the gays. We see the leaders who attack promiscuity and who are promiscuous. Fortunately, will all this light pouring into the third dimension, and into our hearts and minds, it gets more and more difficult to hide.

Our sexuality is often times confusing to us.
Sometimes our sexuality is overwhelming.

Most people have gone through a period where they had tremendous judgment about their sexuality. It seems that no matter what our sexual preferences, orientation, or experiences are, it is something that brings up a lot of judgment and confusion and, of course, it’s all pure ego. It’s all related to healing our mis-identification with the body.

In recent years there’s been a great deal more acceptance of “alternative” lifestyles, marriages, couples, families. We see it in the movies, on television and in our neighborhood. This acceptance is going to continue to skyrocket. As more and more non-hetero couples get married and have families, and become the fabric of our lives and communities, we’ll see more same sex couples publicly holding hands, kissing and doing all the things that people who are in relationship do. It will become normal to more people. Even transgender is becoming “normal.”

I look forward to living in a world where everything is “normal” because everything that’s loving and an expression of people’s Love for each other is normal. That’s the world I’m helping to bring forth. I’m so grateful to be a part of this transformation.

We don’t know what anything is for. Until we can see beyond the limiting view of time and space, and see with infinite awareness, with a fifth dimensional consciousness, we just can’t really be sure what anything is for.

Always, we CAN know that everything is for our learning and therefore everything is for our good.

Events where people are violently attacked and killed open our heart to compassion. This helps us to heal the blocks to Love.

When I was a child, I could hear on the evening news attacks in Vietnam. My understanding was that there were many attacks on small villages, where women and children were murdered. It doesn’t seem like the whole world responded with mourning and compassion. Times are changing we can have compassion and work to support for people who are of a different race because we’re beginning to see there is one race, the human race. One life.

In the world we live in now, we can see more and more compassion coming forth – caring for our brothers and sisters and their families. More and more we take the time to pray and to look for the causes of these violent episodes in our own heart and mind.

When there’s violence in the world, let us always take it as a call to pray, to look within and weed our garden. In that way we can honor the dead, including the terrorist, and help them all come to the Light of Liberation. This is no small thing. This is our calling. It’s what we’re here for. Today is the day.

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