Finding the Good

July 22, 2016

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This may seem strange to you, but I’d like to share with you an interesting piece of evidence of my own awakening and it’s related to earwigs. Earwigs are insects that are particularly unattractive looking – see the picture and you’ll understand what I mean:


I’ve been camping in Vermont many of the summers for the last 10 years for one to three weeks. One of the creatures I encounter on a daily basis is earwigs. When I first started camping they really grossed me out. They would drop into my tent and I’d pick them up with a tissue and put them back outside saying: “Dude, me casa is not su casa. You have all outdoors. Enjoy the outside, and stay out of my tent, please!”

Every day, I’d deal with the earwigs. What I noticed this year is that I was actually picking them up with my fingers. They didn’t seem to bother me anymore and I was finding a LOT less of them trying to get into my tent. My aversion disappeared and they weren’t really bothering me even though I’m camping in exactly the same place. Interesting.

This is one of the signs of my spiritual growth and awakening. More and more I notice that fewer and fewer things bother me.

We had a few occasions in Vermont where it rained really hard, and the first time it rained while I was camping this year, I discovered I had some serious leakage in my tent. My journal got completely soaked. Everything in it was seriously blurred and seemed unreadable. All my notes for my classes, the forgiveness book I’m writing, everything, sweetly blurred in my purple ink. Page after page of purple ink blots.

My response? “Well, I guess I don’t really need those notes anymore. LOL”

I’ve come to actually understand that EVERYTHING works together for my good. I can take it on faith now and that means that less and less bothers me, which means I’m more and more peaceful, which means I can be more and more helpful.

Of course, I have to be willing to be receptive to the good that’s in everything. I have to be willing to not make meaning of things and simply be open to clarity. Clarification comes sometimes sooner and sometimes later – and in the meantime, I can rest in faith that all is well regardless of how it looks.

I’m not in denial of my feelings, I’m in denial of regurgitating old opinions and recycling the past. It’s an ever deepening practice that requires attention. Fortunately, it’s possible to learn to be open-minded and find the good in everything.

It’s easier to find the good in everything when you are absolutely certain that it’s there. Today, let’s both look for the good in everything and relinquish all opinions.

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