I AM Receptive to Prosperity

July 23, 2016

The River Avon in Salisbury is a favorite place of mine.

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For years I blocked the flow of prosperity in my life and I didn’t even realize it. Some of my loved ones had labeled me as selfish and so I began to think that was true. Many folks I met believed it was “better to give then to receive.” And so I began to believe that it was BAD to receive. I began to notice that many people gave with strings attached. Sometimes those strings were simply expectations. This is one of the things I shared about in my Living A Course in Miracles class yesterday.

I couldn’t stand all those strings and expectations. I didn’t like believing that I was selfish. So, I began to strive to be independent and not need things from people. I became a hesitant receiver, and sometimes even a poor receiver.

People would try to give me help or assistance, gifts and other things and I would reject them, fearing the strings and expectations. I preferred not to owe anyone. I preferred to feel free.

And so, I actually became a really poor receiver. I was a great giver and a poor receiver.

And then I started to have really intense financial challenges and I had no idea how to get out of them. With the help of my spiritual practitioner I began to work on praying to be receptive.

I decided to reorient myself to be a good and gracious receiver. If we’re not good receivers, we’re also not receiving inspiration from Spirit.

I began to think of it this way: Everything I receive is from God and everything I give I give to God.

It doesn’t really matter who is giving or who is receiving – It’s all about recognizing that we can live in the flow of the All Good if we choose to.

I learned to be able to give to anyone when I felt called and not to give from obligation. I learned to receive from from anyone and not feel obligated. The stress of giving and receiving fell away. As a result, I began to experience more affluence (more flow), more abundance and more prosperity right away. I feel more receptive every day.

Are you a good receiver? I encourage you to make an inquiry into your giving and receiving abilities. If you’re not feeling the flow, maybe you’re not willing to receive? Take a look and see what you find in your heart! You can decide to be more receptive and open to the flow!

I took the photo I’m using today – it’s the River Avon in Salisbury – a favorite place of mine. I feel so tuned into Prosperity in its presence, watching it flow. This is one of the sacred sites we’ll be visiting in September on my Sacred Sites tour in the UK. Come join me – there are still a few spots left!

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