Liberate Your Inner Victim

July 3, 2016
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Loving it camping in the Green Mountains of Vermont

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Some people have come to believe that there are some real benefits to being a victim. They enjoy the benefits so much that they have trouble letting their identification with victimhood go. They feel really stuck. Some people have such a strong feeling that if they let go of feeling like a victim it’s like saying “it’s ok what they did to me.” So, they choose to sacrifice their life in order to somehow punish the ones who treated them poorly – as though “two wrongs” could make a right. I get it.

When we play the victim card, then we don’t have to take responsibility. For many there’s not a lot of difference between responsibility and blame. However, responsibility is completely different from blame.

Responsibility is our liberation from being a victim, and it allows us to move on. We cannot move on without taking responsibility. Responsibility is the ONLY way to get free of the past and move on.

If you’ve been feeling like a victim and are willing to take responsibility and move on, you may find that you still feel disempowered and stuck. Here’s a sure-fire way out of that feeling of stuck: be of service. Living a life of service (without needing validation or recognition) is a great way to get yourself back in the flow of Love. Since Love heals ALL wounds, you can reclaim your inner strength pretty quickly if you start living a life of compassionate, whole-hearted service.

No matter how low or desperate you feel, no matter how trapped you feel, there’s a way out. Gratitude, forgiveness, responsibility, and service, these are some of the tools that are completely free and available to everyone for their liberation. They have worked so well for me. I’m so grateful I found the willingness to employ them and stop feeling like a victim! Spiritual liberation is our inheritance! Let’s claim it today! Now is the time to live our life as God’s Freedom Song.

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