Saving Time

July 19, 2016

The time of our liberation is NOW!

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One of the intense debilitating thoughts that people have is “I’ve wasted my life. I’ve wasted my time.” There’s just no such thing as wasted time or life in this world. We might feel that way – I can certainly understand it, but it’s not true.

Time seems so real, but it’s not. The feeling of having wasted time really comes from having invested our attention in thoughts and beliefs that weren’t true. That’s what feels like a waste. When we feel that way there is a wonderful opportunity to have POWERFUL healing – and it comes from forgiving ourselves. Let’s start right now!

A Course in Miracles has so many ways to help us stop suffering and start saving time!

In order to start saving time right away we must be willing to forgive. That’s the thing that miraculously begins to change everything in our world. Are you willing?

If you’re interested in saving time – begin to look at what you treasure and why you treasure it. Are you treasuring a false idol? If so, it’s keeping you stuck in time. You may not wish to look at this – but wouldn’t you like to relieve the fear of time being wasted?

Let’s step out of time together into our everlasting healing moment of NOW. The idea of wasting time is so punishing. Let’s give it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self forever! Let’s step into accelerated healing now!

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