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July 10, 2016

We learn to listen with our heart.

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There’s something that I experience frequently that’s interesting to me. The more vigilant I become for releasing opinions and judgments the more I AM listening to my Higher Holy Spirit Self. I find that I take my time in answering questions. I am listening to guidance from the Higher Self more and more.

I’m also taking time to feel how I feel. Many times people will ask me what I’d like in a particular situation and I will pause to feel what it is that is the highest guidance. It takes a moment. Many times while I’m taking even a brief pause, people will quickly say “hello? did you hear me?” and I say, “I’m just taking a moment to feel the answer.”

This especially happens to me on the phone. The one I’m speaking with can’t see me so they wonder if the call’s been dropped. This happens to me almost every day. Many people aren’t used to having a conversation with someone who takes time to tune in before they respond.

I’ve learned that if I don’t wish to let the ego run my life, I must be willing to pause and listen. I find that this simple spiritual practice of listening, truly listening to the Higher Holy Spirit Self has dramatically improved the quality of every day of my life.

There are times when I can feel myself “push away” the insight and the guidance because I have an idea of what I’d like and I don’t like the guidance telling me another way is better. I’ve learned to laugh at myself about that one. Why pray for guidance and then not follow it? That’s insane.

Life is vastly improved by deep listening, and listening with the inner ear. It does require a willingness to actually hear the answer. It does take extra time, but like all spiritual practice, it actually saves time. In fact, it saves a LOT of time that used to be spent in making time-consuming errors and it saves time that used to be spent in being upset because I acted from the ego.

Help yourself and everyone else, take some time to tune in to the Higher Holy Spirit Self before you answer automatically from the ego!

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