Working In The Invisible

July 21, 2016

Working in the invisible is SO much easier than pushing density!

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Doesn’t it sometimes seem like a miracle that we can change our minds and stop making a mess of our lives? For a long time I was so AMAZED at the transformation I was experiencing. I had no idea that it was possible for me to change my mind with so much ease and grace. Who knew?

We can all live a miraculous life. We’re entitled to miracles – that’s what it says in A Course in Miracles. We naturally experience what feels like a miraculous flow of Love and support when we align with Love in our hearts and hold ourselves accountable. It can feel surprising and even shocking!

Once we really understand the power of our thinking then we can actively choose to work in the invisible and be effective every day in being truly helpful. What a blessing it is to feel and know that you are truly helpful.

What does working in the invisible mean?

A Course in Miracles and all truth teachings tell us: ALL thought produces form at some level.

  • Form is our experience.
  • Form is what we see and feel and hear.
  • You will see it when you believe it.
  • It is done onto you as you believe, not as you wish.

We’ve all been studying this for so long that we think we know it. For so long I had an INTELLECTUAL understanding, but I didn’t take it down into my heart and live it and so I didn’t actually KNOW it. I knew that I didn’t really know it because every day I gave my self permission to choose unloving thoughts, words and actions and I saw the mess that created.

For so long I labored in vain trying to MAKE things happen by working in the DENSITY of form rather than working in the ease and grace of the invisible. I struggled and worked so hard with just enough success to keep me crawling along, but I wanted to FLY! And my intuition told me it was possible, but HOW? I finally decided to do WHATEVER IT TOOK to live in a beautiful, masterful way and learn how to LIVE spiritual principle rather than just study it.

It might seem that you don’t have what it takes, but that, my friend, is just an opinion. Spirit always has what it takes to be it’s beautiful, powerful Self!

Seek first the kingdom, which is within, and all else will be added unto you! Your little willingness is all that’s required. Wow!

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