Being Receptive to Nurturing

August 17, 2016

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Have you been afraid and gone into flight or fight mode? I’ve tried both reactions so many times. Sometimes first fight and then flight – LOL! At least I can laugh about it now, because I sure didn’t back then.

It took me a long time to see that there was another choice besides fight or flight and that choice was actually going to bring me healing. I began to recognize that when I felt afraid the most loving choice for me was to seek nurturing.

It didn’t matter if it was self-nurturing or the loving support of someone else. The nurturing was healing. By choosing to seek nurturing, I was choosing Self-Love.

What DID matter was that the nurturing was TRUE nurturing. Which meant it was from someone who was aligned with Love and Truth. Not someone who was giving to get.

It wasn’t at all healing for me to seek nurturing from someone who was merely empathetic. Empathy just meant they could feel my pain and agree with it.

Having someone else feel my pain didn’t help me because it just increased the pain and validated it.

Having someone agree with my pain made the fear more real.
Having a pity party wasn’t the answer.
Love was the answer. Love IS the answer.

I learned to stop going to my friends who would sympathize with me.
Sympathy wasn’t healing either.
Sympathy was just agreeing with the pain and the fear and making it real.

Only Love was healing.
Love is the ability to see beyond the painful circumstances and to see the underlying perfection.

My choices to seek nurturing from my prayer partners, and my spiritual counselors was the thing that taught me the power of seeking nurturing from someone who really was aligned with Love.

Love IS the healer – Love will heal all fear, regardless of how it’s expressing in your experience in the moment.

Why is Love the healer?
Because Love is our true identity.
The way to heal all fear is to surrender the blocks to Love.

For me, I saw that seeking nurturing from someone aligned with truth – including my own Higher Holy Spirit Self – the Holy Spirit – was the only chance I had of actually moving OUT of fear and back into my right mind.
So many are recognizing that Self-Love is a real issue for them and yet we resist the very thing that we know will heal our heart, our mind and our life. Learning to Love myself has completely changed my life and it is one of my favorite things to help people discover.

I’m offering a Self-Love and EXTREME Pampering retreat in Thailand this November and I’m excited for all the healing we’re going to have together!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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