Calling Forth Your Abundance!

August 1, 2016

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What I’ve witnessed over the years is that the first Monday of the month is often a time of great stress. Rents are due and Mondays, for some, mean a return to a job that they don’t enjoy.

What I’ve noticed is that some people are consistently thinking that they don’t have. Even though they might have SO MUCH MORE than others, they still energize the belief that they don’t have. While other folks who appear to have a little are so grateful for what they do have and are happy to share from what they perceive as their abundance. Think about it.

If you had to choose between these two – which would you choose:

1. Having a lot and thinking that you don’t have enough.
2. Having much less than the first person, but thinking that you have a lot.

Personally, I’d rather be the person that FEELS abundant because they’re experiencing true abundance.

The folks that think they don’t have are definitely seeking outside of themselves for fulfillment. Therefore, they will never actually experience fulfillment. They might, for a short time, feel full – they might, for a day or two, have a sense of satiation, but it will never last. Why? Because it’s not real. It’s temporary.

Temporary means temporal. It’s related to time and space. That which is temporary is always related to the body and to the ego. That which is eternal and true, is always related to Spirit.

So, the real question is – would you rather experience: true fulfillment, or temporary feel-full-ment?

Would you rather keep seeking fulfillment outside of yourself – or will you make the commitment to seeking the Kingdom, which is within, and discover that ALL ELSE will be added unto you? Is there something about the ALL ELSE that you don’t understand? If so, give it up, give it over and it will be revealed to you.

The answer is within.
It comes through spiritual practice and commitment.
Be willing to discover what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called a “Divine discipline.”

Make your whole life your spiritual practice and see what happens! You will discover true abundance.

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