Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle

August 25, 2016

I love the view from our family home in Maine - it’s beauty lifts my spirit high! It feels like a miracle to me.

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As I was talking about on my Radio Show this week, a miracle is a shift in thought from thinking with the ego thought system of separation, limitation, lack and attack to thinking with your right mind. When we are thinking with our right mind, then we’re thinking the thoughts we think with Spirit, and that IS the miracle.

When we’re miracle-minded, then things shift in the world of form, too. Things become SO MUCH more helpful, inspired, beautiful and peaceful. Life FEELS so much better when we’re miracle-minded.

One of the trickiest things for us is to know that things ARE showing up differently in form (because we’ve had a shift in our mind) even though the shift in form appears not to have happened yet. Having no doubt can feel incredibly challenging, but it’s SO worth it not to give up before you feel, see, know and give complete thanks for the miracle.

As soon as you have a shift in your mind, give thanks.
It’s always well worth the time you take to be grateful.
Gratitude multiplies the good, which opens your mind to more good, and more gratitude, which leads to more good and more gratitude, which just keeps multiplying the gratitude and good!

That’s why in Finding Freedom and Masterful Living classes, I say that Love and gratitude are our basic spiritual practices. Being loving and grateful all day completely changes the trajectory of your life. It’s about retraining your mind to look for the good and give thanks for it. We train ourselves to look for the opportunities to be loving and give thanks for them.

I know when I’ve changed my mind about someone and am seeing them correctly. They may still be showing up as someone I’m having a challenge with, but I can still KNOW the miracle shift has occurred. It’s something I feel, and I trust it will show up in form at the perfect time.

When it appears the shift in form hasn’t taken place, don’t doubt that the healing has happened. Give thanks for the healing in your mind, your body, your finances, your relationships, your work and in all areas, whether you can see the results you desire or not. PROVE the miracle, don’t doubt it. Don’t get caught in the timing, instead KNOW it is ALREADY done and you will be grateful that you did!

Don’t give up before the miracle shift is demonstrated and have no attachment to the demonstration. This is advanced spiritual practice – and it’s the only way to live a happy and miraculous life!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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