Finding the Better Way

August 26, 2016

The view from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park - gorgeous!

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When I was a young girl and a teenager I used to feel misunderstood on a frequent basis. I didn’t know how to express my feelings with ease, grace and peace, and I didn’t have a good model for that. How many of us did who grew up before 1980?

My parents and grandparents didn’t have any expert training in expressing their feelings that they could pass on to me. Did any of us have classes at school in how to communicate with compassion?

What I learned was, in the language of my grandmother Helen Belle, how to “throw a hissy fit” when I felt misunderstood. Of course, it didn’t work at all!

I grew up thinking that if people didn’t “get” me, I just need to get upset. Or, if that doesn’t work, I can shut them out and shut down. I honestly felt those were the only choices I had. That’s what I saw the adults do, and they had a lot more experience than me.

Upset could be expressed as sarcastic, snarky and mean comments or attitude, or it could be yelling, sabotage, attack and slamming of doors and drawers. It was painful.

Since that time, my whole family has learned to do much better. We’ve learned to use our words and talk things out BEFORE there’s a big upset. Phew!

Can you even IMAGINE how much this change in ME has impacted my life and that of EVERY member of my family? It’s BEYOND miraculous, if there even is such a thing! It’s epic!

We learned, in part, because I became adamant that I would take the lead and learn to do it for myself. I decided to find Freedom in my heart and mind and live a life of Peace and Harmony and that’s what I have done. That’s what I AM doing.

Now, I look out into the world, and I see what’s happening in places and people that haven’t learned to use their words and talk about how they feel before there’s an upset. I see places where people have not learned to be gentle, kind, generous and nonjudgmental.

I see places in the world where people have yet to learn to take responsibility and to be the change they’d like to see in the world. And now, I have the utmost compassion. I know that within the relatively small number of people on the planet that still feel the only choices they have are to shut down, attack or throw a hissy fit, there IS the ability to take responsibility, to find the masterful choices we all have encoded within us.

And that’s exactly why I love to share what I’m learning. That’s exactly why I started my ministry – to support others in learning with more ease and more grace than I had.

My life has become SO miraculous and the healing has been so extraordinary. For me, for my family and for thousands of people who have participated in what I share. I’m here to say YOU can live an epic miraculous life, too!

Let’s all hold the high watch for that small percentage of folks, out of the six billion people on planet earth, who represent that old belief that “an eye for an eye” is the only choice they feel they have. Let us know that they are finding a better way and that it’s happening in their hearts NOW!

Are you willing to live a problem-free existence? Let’s start today. I’m offering my Sacred Sites tour in England September 2nd, followed by my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive and I’m excited for all the fun and the healing we’re going to have together!

If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful, won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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