Forgiveness & Freedom

August 24, 2016

The Maine coastline and islands beyond - it’s a beautiful sight that lifts my Spirit!

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It’s so simple: if we don’t judge, we don’t have to forgive because there’s nothing TO forgive when we don’t judge. Without judgment, we have Peace. With judgment, we have suffering. We choose how we would like to live.

When judgments do come up, it means that we’re viewing the NOW moment through a lens of the past. When we judge, we’re identified with limitation, lack, the body, the past, helplessness, victim hood. It’s nothing I wish to affirm. I’m letting that go FOREVER!

So, this week I had some judgments come up and I had to release them – which meant forgiveness. Forgiveness IS releasing judgment. Forgiveness is withdrawing your attachment to the meaning you made of something. Forgiveness is Freedom

What I have learned so well is that when there’s an opportunity to forgive, when the judgment has come into our awareness and we’ve bought it, it’s like getting on a train of thought. I call it the pain train.

I can witness the pain train pull into the station of my mind, but I don’t have to get on it. I don’t have to take that ride. I can have dominion over my mind. I can be the master of my station. And I AM.

Here’s my motivation: I AM living a miraculous life because of my forgiveness practice. Forgiveness IS Freedom.

I have proven and know, that when I choose to forgive, to release the judgment and old pain train thoughts, I feel more free than before and it lasts. It’s permanent healing. This is why A Course in Miracles and ALL great mystical teachings tell us that forgiveness is the #1 tool for our awakening.

I encourage you to focus on learning to be the best forgiver you know!

What I notice is this: When the pain train arrives in my mind I can actually have deep, profound and lasting healing if I follow these simple steps:

1. I consciously choose not to get on the pain train.
2. I give thanks that I am choosing to have dominion over my mind and I give thanks that I am awake enough to be aware that the pain train has pulled into the station of my mind.
3. I Partner UP! I call upon the I AM that I AM, the Company of Heaven and all that is Holy to stand with me in Love and healing.
4. I literally say to the thought, “No, you are not welcome here. I will not entertain that thought. This is exactly the pattern that I choose to heal, back to the root cause, so I never experience it again.”
5. I place my hand on my heart and shine the light of LOVE from my loving heart flame into the situation, thought pattern, belief, circumstance, relationship, or experience. I allow that light of Love beaming from my heart to dissolve and resolve the concretized thought and belief patterns. It works!
6. I AM once again grateful for my healing. I receive it. I allow it. I affirm it. It is done unto me as I believe. I believe in my healing.
7. I share the benefits with everyone because I AM one with them. I declare that all are healed and all are lifted out of that old way of thinking.

This process works so well! I’ve learned to do it very quickly and the healing is amazing!

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