Healing the Heart

August 18, 2016

Playing is self-loving and healing for our heart.

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Sometimes, other people’s sharing can leave us feeling overwhelmed and it can seem as though we don’t know what to say or how to respond. And that’s when we can Partner UP. We open our minds to guidance, Wisdom and insight. We open to receive assistance by asking for it.

Expressing Love is an act of Self-Love. Even if it seems like the moment to respond passes and has been forgotten, you can still go back to it. It’s always worthwhile to make the effort to share a loving comment.

Sometimes, someone will share deeply and then someone will comment on it and then the next person shares a new topic and it appears as though the moment to comment has passed. I can still share my comment and it’s appreciated – even if it’s days later. The sharing of Love is an opportunity to experience more love for everyone who’s in the conversation. We’re always learning. We are always deepening our communication skills. The opportunity to practice being loving and compassionate, respectful and kind, is always healing for everyone, because our minds are joined.

In this way we learn to walk as a healer in the world. In this way we learn how to be a loving presence and to be truly helpful in this world. A Course in Miracles tells us that being truly helpful is everyone’s life purpose. Being truly hopeful is being loving.

Conversations give us this wonderful opportunity to practice loving communication. All day long, we have opportunities to practice. Many of the people that I speak to in a one-on-one situation tell me that they feel they have communication issues. Cultivating the compassionate heart of the bodhisattva is a way to heal those communication skill issues.

We can also be aware that when someone has gifted us with sharing their tender heart, and being vulnerable and transparent in our presence, it’s an opportunity for us. We aspire to be able to communicate ourselves fully, strongly and beautifully from the heart.

When people are practicing sharing in community and no one comments or responds or acknowledges their share in any way, then sometimes people make the meaning of it that their share was not worthy of a comment and that they should not have shared. They make the meaning of it that is negative because of their belief system that they are not worthy of acknowledgment, appreciation, compassion, respect, tenderness, Love or kindness. So, you can see that each person sharing is your opportunity to extend Love which will heal your heart and theirs, because we’re joined. We’re One.

Be thankful when you notice that you are judging your loved ones and friends. When you are aware that you are judging then you can Partner UP and declare that you are no longer interested in that anymore. You are done with that. Your Holy life purpose is to be truly helpful, and being compassionate is the number one way to fulfill your purpose of being truly helpful.

Being compassionate is the most healing choice we can make. Whether we are having compassion for ourselves or another does not really matter because there’s only One.

I encourage you to become extremely mindful of opportunities to be compassionate and extend Love, as all the healing that you desire for yourself is contained in those moments. Harvest the moments that your Higher Self has worked so carefully to construct for you.

Those moments of extending compassion contain our answered prayer. When we reject the opportunity to extend Love and be compassionate, we are rejecting our own answered prayer. Become very mindful. Be vigilant. Be dedicated. Be devoted. This is the way out of hell. This is the way out of lack and limitation. This is the way out of all forms of suffering.

Practice with dedication and vigilance and you will discover the difference that it makes in your life. You are reading this now because of my practice of extending Love and compassion. There’s no big or small in Love.

“All expressions of Love are maximal.” A Course in Miracles

I’m offering a Self-Love and EXTREME Pampering retreat in Thailand this November and I’m excited for all the healing we’re going to have together!

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