Let’s Heal Self-Medication

August 10, 2016
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Releasing the habits that no longer serve!

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When things are stressful, it can be SO easy to overdo it with food, alcohol, work and other ways we self-medicate.

Self-medication is for the purpose of blocking how we feel. It distracts us. It dulls our senses so that we don’t feel the intensity of emotion that disturbs us. There are many times when self-medication feels like a really good option to get through the day. Almost everyone I know has moments of self-medication of one kind or another.

Self-medication comes in so many forms:

It can come in so many forms. It’s anything you do to escape how you feel.

Many people have huge swings in emotion and upset.
This drives them to self-medicate.
The belief is that these emotions are bad and the upset is bad.
The belief is that it’s better to self-medicate, block the feelings and dull the senses in order to diminish the pain and escape from it.

Dr. Phil might say: How’s that working for you?

The answer’s probably not going to be: It’s working great! I’m experiencing a much better quality of life through self-medication.

Self-medication intensifies the self-judgment which is the opposite of healing.
Love is the healer.
Love is the ONLY healer. There is NO OTHER healer. Only Love gets us back into the flow of the all-good. Self-medication is a self-inflicted block to healing that usually leaves us feeling more self-judgmental. It usually leads to self-attack. We find ourselves saying things to ourselves like:

What’s wrong with me?
Why don’t I have any self-control?
How could I hurt myself with ________ substance AGAIN!
I know better than this!
My Higher Holy Spirit Self warned me not to, why can’t I ever listen?
I’m always going to be stuck in this pattern of playing small!
I can never get out of this cycle.
etc., etc., etc.

What I’ve learned is that trying to make myself stop self-medicating doesn’t really work. What has helped me heal SO MUCH is this:

Those feelings that I used to block with self-medication are to help me WAKE UP and pay attention to my thinking. All emotions are a by-product of my thinking. When I can pay attention to my thinking, I can PARTNER UP and surrender the STINKING thinking and open my mind to the thoughts I think with God. The upset feelings are the Divine Alarm Clock going off to let me know it’s time to Partner UP and change my mind. It’s time for me to choose again.

Self-medication is not a “choose again” option.
Self-medication is choosing to repeat the past yet again, knowing that what the results are: shame and self-judgment.

It takes great willingness to be able to feel the feelings as a way of recognizing the Divine Alarm Clock and answering it with Love. When we’re willing to be guided and led by the Spirit, then we can find our way out of hell.

Next time you feel the strong pull to self-medicate, recognize it as a Divine opportunity to heal an old pattern.

Let’s break these patterns FOREVER! And share the benefits of our healing and expansion with all beings because we’re One with them!

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