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August 29, 2016

Enjoying Friday morning farmers market on Deer Isle with the family - summer fun IS prosperity!

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Thoughts of lack and limitation are so prevalent in the human race consciousness. The light workers of the world have the opportunity to heal our minds of those thoughts forever so that they never return. Are you willing to do your part?

One thing that can help you is simply placing your attention on those poverty patterns playing in your mind. Thoughts of separation show up as thoughts of lack and limitation and a belief in not enough and unworthiness. The cure is placing our attention on those thoughts, offering them up to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for Healing and removing them from our minds forever!

We can have the thoughts removed if we’re no longer interested in them.
The thoughts of lack and limitation are actually MAGNETIZED into our awareness by a BELIEF in lack and limitation.

Consciously choosing to not energize the thoughts helps to heal the pattern formed by the belief.

To bring awareness to the pattern, I encourage you to start writing down the thoughts of lack and limitation. Many people would resist this because they don’t wish to think about it. It can be difficult and painful to simply pay attention to our thoughts. Often, we’d rather distract ourselves with ANY other thing than simply watching our thoughts. However, this SIMPLE exercise, that costs you NOTHING, can actually change your life! Are you willing?

Here’s what you can do if you’re willing: get a notebook and start to write your thoughts of lack and limitation down all day long. That’s right, keep a list, all day long. Awareness is curative, so every time you become more aware of what you’re actually thinking you’ll be precipitating your healing!

Soon, you’ll begin to realize how much of your attention is on poverty patterns and how strong they are. Since awareness is curative, you can begin to actively offer UP the patterns for healing and bring benefit to all. Your healing starts IMMEDIATELY.
You’ll get snagged if you start judging your thoughts and making them “real.” Poverty thoughts have no power. Only Love has power. Your willingness to replace the poverty patterns with expressions of Love is deeply healing. All expressions of Love are maximal!

Not doing anything won’t change anything.
Healing requires our willingness.

Go for it!
The Universe is a naturally abundant place.
Love IS abundance and it is abundant. Love is ALL there is. How could it be anything but unlimited?

Claim your inheritance which is your Abundance and your Prosperity! Your true nature is to BE unlimited and unprecedented Abundance and Prosperity. Let’s be it to see it!

I’m offering my Sacred Sites tour in England next weekend, September 2nd to 6th, followed by my week-long Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive and I’m excited for all the fun and the healing we’re going to have together! You can still join us! Please do!

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