Developing Psychic Powers

September 13, 2016

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I have become increasingly intuitive over the years and sometimes it is startling how clearly I’m able to know things and other times I am struggling for Clarity. Sometimes my mind is open and available and sometimes my opinions, judgments, and history cloud my mind. Most of us experience this every day.

A Course in Miracles directly addresses whether or not “psychic” powers are valuable and what that means. The teaching is very helpful and I’m going to discuss it today in my radio show.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about developing intuition and being able to discern what is intuition and what is ego. Knowing the difference is SO helpful!

One of the key questions that ACIM asks and that I’ve learned to ask is: What’s it for?

If you’d like money, what’s it for? Is it to keep you attached to your problems or is it being used for Love?

If you’d like a beautiful body, what’s it for? Is it to make yourself feel better or is it being used to express more of your Spirit Self?

If you’d like psychic powers, what’s it for? Is it to know more than others, to protect yourself, or to be of service to Love?

All day long, we can ask again and again, “what’s it for?” This question is life-changing. Using this simple question we can become much more aware of the ego running our life and of the opportunities to choose Love. Choosing Love is always healing and nourishing.

Being more aware doesn’t mean being more “psychic.” Underneath all the false beliefs, our awareness is already pristine. We’re cultivating that clear awareness so that all that we know is the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, so help us God!

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